Mobile phones

I wrote this about two weeks ago but never got round to submitting it, so the dates are wrong!!

The mobile phone is and essential these days. My old one had an unreliable battery so it was time to buy a new one and change my supplier to a more inexpensive outfit especially designed for people with my living problems. Firstly a new phone is found via internet since lockdown hindered shopping. It arrived, got unwrapped and put on charge. I daren’t use it until I have a safe cover so it sits there for a few days till I’m able to shop for one.

A week later this is done and I’m the proud owner of a flash case that can hold my credit cards too.

Next stage is to find how to get it working and questioning via internet tells me I need a SIM and can purchase one in any Post Office. Next day this is achieved and I learn by trial and error ( plus a few swear words) how to insert it. That is enough effort for one day and the next day I find time to obey the instructions to get my account transferred from ‘####’ to ‘%%%%%’. This was again problematic despite the authorities assuring me that it was simple, but at last I saw both phones talking to each other and passing my info from one to another. This would take some time so I left the phones chatting to each other and went to bed. This was three days ago.

I woke at 6am yesterday after hearing a crumpling sound from the kitchen. I recognised the sound, having heard it before, it was my wife Valerie crashing to the floor. She was laying still and uncomfortably contorted and I instantly thought the worst but was relieved after a few seconds when she made a sound despite being unconscious. I put a folded towel under her head and manoeuvred her into the recovery position. That was all I could do, now I needed assistance and grabbed my new phone. I tapped the phone icon and got the following message “Welcome To #####, you have no data, to obtain some do the following…”

What a disaster! Fortunately my wife’s phone was available and I summoned assistance via that but it rather shook me up.

She spent the day in hospital, they could not find what caused the collapse but after scanning and blood testing they allowed her to come home very bruised, shaken and tired. Naturally I’m very pleased to have her home but I thought I’d share the experience with you all. I’m now chief cook and bottle washer, survivor turned to carer as well as my normal duties. Plus of course neck and back massager extraordinary!


Deigh-- That must have been a terrifying experience! Thank goodness you wife is doing okay. Maybe her blood pressure was a little low. They wouldn’t have let her come home if it was something very serious I would think. You must be exhausted by the whole experience. You seem to keep your spirits up, though–so important for survival on this planet. My best to you and your wife. I will remember you both in my prayers tonight. Jeanne.

She has had several falls over the last few years, resulting in a broken arm, and last year a hip! She blames the fact that she is not concentrating on what she is doing at the time and I can believe this, she spends much of her walking time listening to the birds or admiring passing vintage cars!

Hello @Deigh, what a fright you must have had, and I am pleased she has mended. My mother-in-law falls a lot, she does things like climbs up step ladders and such, but she’s got one leg shorter than the other, so her balance is wonky. Tech can be so obtrusive when unwanted, and doesn’t seem to work when needed. Hope all is settled now after that.

There was a suggestion that it may have been low blood pressure. Trouble is that there is nothing to show afterwards. Whatever caused it must have done its damage and vanished! She blamed it on shallow breathing which is a problem with asthmatics. It is important to shut down any future chances of it happening again so she is concentrating on her breathing. One of the major problems is today’s clampdown on activities. We were regular dancers in the old days and up till last year would spend an evening in our local club and usually managed a spin (or perhaps a crawl) around the dance floor. We are missing that.

Hello Deigh, I hope Valerie is much better and you are both over the shock of her recent fall. I know what you mean about your regular activities being curtailed due to covid. Our stroke group has restarted this month and its been great seeing everyone again after such a long time and everyone looking so well.
I have a picture in my mind of you and Valerie dancing together at home, furniture pushed back to make more space, it would be great. Wishing you both a Happy New Year.

Lovely thought there Ann, but impracticable, not enough room to swing a cat let alone cut a rug. Have just ordered a new 3piece settee with electric powered easyboy footrests, USB sockets, and back lit cup holders, when that arrives there will be even less room.


Wow, that’s a serious piece of unwinding kit :grinning:

Looks really comfortable Deigh. Love the fact you can have everything you need (drinks, music ,phone) close to hand.

Did I tell you it has wi-fi, Bluetooth and internet connections?
Major problem is going to be when it is delivered, It comes in three pieces which makes it a bit easier to get through outside doors I’m rallying youngest son and grandson to give a hand with this and hopefully they will take away our old single lazyboy chairs.
Then will come the problem of wiring it in. I dont know of any local contractor that will do this so I will have a go myself and hope I twist the right wires together.