Mild stroke: mym mom (80, obese), couple of advices needed

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my mom had a mild stroke, no visible consequences, she only says that she get tired much quicker and feel a bit different.

few facts about her:

  • obese

  • 80 yo

  • hypertension, on meds

  • broken neck in lower part, constant pain

I’ve got few questions:

  1. I would like to get her some aerobic exercise. As she has problems with neck, she cannot walk for longer than let’s say 15 mins. I thought about stationary/rehabilitation bike. Pls comment/advise.
  2. I’ve heard about oxygen therapy. We have limited possibility to go for hyperbolic therapy. But I can rent mobile oxygen concentrator and she can use it during the night. WDYT?

What else is important, what would you advise? Resources, forums etc?


@lukas welcome to the forum sorry your mum has had a stroke.

Getting tired quickly is common post stroke. Your mum should listen to her body & rest when she needs too.

Many people use an exercise bike or exercise pedals as part of their stroke rehabilitation. You could try this with your mum but i’dcsuggest checking with her dr first. Few of us here are medically trained so we cannot offer anything other than our opinions.

I know nothing about oxygen therapy but would again suggest asking your mums dr.

The stroke association website has a load of resources that you can look at. You’ll find them Here


Hi @lukas
I wanted to add my welcome to those you already contributed theirs. So hi :slight_smile:

This group often has a lot of wisdom to share. Your questions I think, are a little specific for the shared experience we have. we don’t have medical training.
There are exercises on the stroke association YouTube channel for people who have very low mobility but a professional physiotherapist seems to be indicated given the factors you’ve described

A search reveals two posts that mention hyperbaric but neither said anything useful to you there are more on oxygen but basically they just make comment about lack of

You’re probably better off using Google scholar and the academic papers site to find out about oxygen therapy since it doesn’t seem to be much talked about here



Hi @lukas and welcome to the forum.

“Aerobic exercise” I would say are a definite no no for your mother.
Personally with your mother’s age and health condition, I would strongly advise speaking with her gp before you start her on any physical exercise. Her gp knows her full medical history and what her body can and cannot withstand. They can refer her to a dietician to help with a healthy eating plan to reduce her calorie intake. You can probably even make an appointment at reception yourself with both the dietician and physio if they are available at your local gp practice. They will also have access to her medical history.

Reducing the amount she eats in a day by reducing her portion sizes will be enough to get weight off her.

The physiotherapist can better advice on exercise based on her medical history and will pay particular attention to her neck. Physio may very well recommend her for Hydrotherapy as this is the best form of exercise in her current condition as it won’t put strain on her body, heart and lungs in particular, as well as joints.

If/when she’s cleared by the gp, Age UK do run strength and balance classes all round the country and they are geared toward fitness exercise for the over 50s and they can be both seated or standing exercises. Below is an example of my local one. And you’ll will many chair based exercises on the internet also.

A female older than 70 years should eat between 1,600 to 2,000 calories daily if you are a sedentary to active.


@lukas welcome to the forum , i would agree with @Mrs5K speak with her doctor before you do anything. tiredness is a given after a stroke regardless of it’s severity.
good luck