Methods discovered and used in attempts at stroke recovery 👍

I had a stroke about two years ago which weakened mobility on my right side.

Some time ago @SimonInEdinburgh asked me about a method he was attempting to discover to aid recovery from stroke. I told him I knew of no secret fast means of recovery. I still hold that view. Since that time I have seen a little improvement but nothing on a scale I would call remarkable.

I will describe a couple of things that have produced small but noticeable improvement.
Now in my third year post stroke I have a very long way still to go. I don’t push myself but don’t suffer much pain or fatigue either.

Result one.

After using a pair of banister rails, a little clumsily, my right side has begun to show signs of coming back together. I only use the staircase a couple of times a day but it seems to have helped with my weak right hand, arm and shoulder. This effect has become noticeable after months rather than days. The exercise is light to moderate involving little or no repetition. Each time I climb or descend the staircase I get this gentle work out.

The second result appears after a gentle self massage .

Using the hand of the strong side on the weak side.
Starting at the finger tips squeeze each finger pushing towards the palm of the hand.
Once all the digits have been dealt with in this way proceed to squeeze gently across the palm to the wrist repeating across the back of the hand.
Then squeeze and push from wrist to elbow, followed by working from elbow to shoulder.

In the same way, work on toes, then across the foot to the ankle, from there up the lower leg to knee, then upper leg to hip.

Both of these exercises can bring back some sensation and control. They can also bring pain and stiffness if used vigorously, so I suggest going gently and only occasionally. Slow and steady, perhaps, wins the race. I’m not sure vigorous massage increases the effect.

The idea is to increase blood flow and to encourage restarting of nerve paths in the affected limbs.

Those with loads of cash to throw about might try using a professional masseur.

I am someone who has suffered stroke, but was fit for my age before the event. Post stroke progress has been slow but definite. I am not qualified other than this, having had no training in any of the skills professionally employed in stroke treatment. I simply note what has been my limited experience of dealing with the form of stroke that I encountered.

This forum is a worthy place to share our experiences and is a good source of practical “hands on” information, even if the method is simply how to bake a chocolate cake, something I hope to address again, later today and to good effect.

I would like others to be able to see what I post, hoping it will spread the knowledge. Some of my posts are recipes which can liven up a lacklustre day. They won’t cure you, might be regarded as unhealthy, but do please both me and my partner. Perhaps they might please you. Use the famous magnifying glass to search for chocolate cake to discover the attack suffered by both my wife and myself.

keep on keepin’ on
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Thanks for that Bobbi, I’m always pleased to hear of ways to improve, especially things that don’t involve spending lots of money :grinning:. I can’t do the exercise on the stairs as we moved to a bungalow after my stroke but I do go to our local Sainsburys where Argos is situated upstairs and try to do this once or twice a week.

I have just managed to get some physiotherapy on the NHS with our local Neuro Rehab Team , only one hour, once a week for 7 weeks but my thought is every little helps even after 7 years.

Thanks for sharing your post, very interesting.

Keep up the good work :clap:.

Rewards Sue


In addition this might be of interest:

@Susan_Jane thanks for the comment.

Please post here if you get anything useful from trying this. It is good to share our experience.

I’d be interested if anyone else has results from these sorts of interventions. Please share if you have something to add.


I think different methods work for different people. I have seen you come a long way in the 2 years you’ve been on the forum. Whatever you doing is clearly working for you. I am a big advocate of building the rehab into daily activities so things like your baking are providing some of that but at a more enjoyable level I would think.

I’m currently having physio for a frozen shoulder & the last physio I saw said that frozen shoulders generally heal on their own after a couple of years. That got me to thinking so why am I taking up an appointment slot every so often if by doing nothing the outcome would be the same :thinking: I was originally told it would take 18 months plus to sort with physio. I hasten to add that I do my exercises at least 3 times a day because shaving even a few days of pain off the recovery time has to be worth it.

Keep going you’re getting there…wherever there is :grin:


I’m not sure any particular intervention is the answer. I am nowhere near being a whole man but when I look back to how things were when I got home from hospital there is undeniable progress.

Maybe it has been slow because I’m not doing daily workouts but I still make gains as time passes. Perhaps I don’t suffer fatigue and pain largely because I’m not making intense efforts. So maybe if I tried a bit harder I would now be more able.

The whole thing is a piece of string problem where no one can declare how long a piece is.

@Mrs5K I always appreciate your encouragement. It gives me reason to look forward with a smile and no doubt works for others in the same way. I hope you are rewarded with the future you wish for. You deserve that and more.

keep on keepin’ on
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Plenty of progress i’d say & once you’re on the road again plenty more too I’m sure.

Different strategies for different people i think. If you’re happy with your approach then thats the best strategy for you. Others go full on & that works for them. I think i fall somewhere in the middle. I’m a long way from where I was but not there yet.

If my few words make you smile occasionally then i’ll take that :grin:

I look forward to hearing about your future exploits.

Here is the result of my task for today. Hubby says it tastes delicious :yum:

Have a great Weds xx




Now that looks delicious. A triumph in fact. A picture of loveliness.

You couldn’t make another one, stick a stamp on it and send it to me via Hilary, could you?

You Moderators can do all sorts of wonderful things. I’m sure a cake delivery would be within your powers.

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A cake is winging it’s way to the North West just for you & Hilary :grin::grin:

I’m looking forward to a slice later with a cup​:teapot::cake: I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.


@Mrs5K That cake looks delish, much better than these! :cake: :birthday: :cupcake: :moon_cake: :pancakes:

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