Me again friends!

Obviously, I am Carole 'Space Cadet'!!!  Had to join again via my new email address.  Hope all are well x

Hello carol again then. Hope that you are doing as well as you can be. Love judyx

Hi Judy!  Thanks, and hope you are well too.  Cafe re-opening tomorrow at Morrisons, so am going for some shopping then my breakfast (like I did before the lockdown - once a week!)  Hair cut and coloured again on Saturday - thank God haha!  You?  Love Carole 

Hi Carole - I'm hair cut next Monday Yabberdabberdoo! Can't wait. Last cut was in Feb and I usually have it done every 6 weeks. Sainsburys cafes in my area still closed as are M & S, Debenhams, Dunelm and costa sit inside shops.  I have been to a couple of independent coffee shops and they operate no probs so don't see the reasoning with the big boys!  We have kinda got used to Costa drive throughs now though!  It's a crazy world. You can go on holiday, to the pub, swim in the pools but you try and get through the door of a dentist or doctors - impossible unless have undergone interrogation over the phone first :(  I only want my teeth cleaned. Used to going every 3 months but hygeinists are still not allowed to work.  They say they haven't had enough notice from the government to organise it - what? They've had 4 months for goodness sake how much longer do they need!  Grrr!

Yeah, am looking forward to getting my roots done AT LAST haha!!  Am the same as you, used to get mine done every 6 weeks grrrr!  Don't know how it'll be tomorrow at the cafe, but I'll find out!  Facemasks and social distancing is so bloody annoying but, necessary, I know! Agree, am dying to have a check up and clean at the dentist again!  Not the same, trying your best at home, is it?  Hope it isn't much longer either, for goodness sake!

I do my own roots after watching intently at the hairdresser doing them a couple of times.  It's more difficult after stroke as it's hard to keep my arms up that long but I keep resting in between so takes me longer.  Enjoy your breakfast at Morrisons. I had my first toasted teacake and coffee at the garden centre last week.  Oh, it tasted so good!  Felt very safe there as all the tables were well apart and they brought everything to the table like they used to do in olde worlde coffee shops in days of yore LOl!   x

Hi everyone, I'm pleased  to say I've just had a cut and colour . Lucky for me my daughter  is a hairdresser and has a salon in her house. I didn't  want to get a sneaky  appointment  before  4th July in case we got found out, so waited like everyone  else  until  she could fit me in amongst  her other regular clients. Feel almost human again  !!

I've just  had a dental  appointment  cancelled .  It was only a routine  check up so didn't  mind at all.  We were pleased  to see our Costa  Coffee ( in Tesco) is open, you can now sit in and have a coffee. 

Never thought I'd see the day I got excited  about having a coffee ??. Not sure I feel  ready to  go to a pub just yet but really looking  forward to  eating  out again. 


Take care and  stay  safe  everyone

Regards Sue 

Hello again. I have my blonde hair shoulder length and my sister trims it. Enjoy Morris ons. I have to do all my shopping on line. One of my strokes was the cerebellum and that affected my walking. I have lost a lot of balance. I have sainsbury deliver food etc. Take care love judyx

I had a text from my beauty salon to say sadly they can't do facials or eyebrow shapes yet but she will book me in as soon as Boris gives the go ahead.  I think everyone needs pampering after the last 4 months!

Hi Carole, we went shopping to our local retail park and had coffee in M& S yesterday, it felt like a real treat after all these weeks and today we had coffee and cake in Durham in the indoor market, it felt soo good to do normal things again. I have to say there weren't that many people out today.
I had my hair cut and coloured last Thursday so feel great to be all tidied up again after weeks of colouring it myself, in my own way. 
Feel more positive about shopping now that we all have to wear face covering and social distancing from 24th July.

Hope your trip to Morrison's is ok, look forward to hearing how you get on.


Good for you = wow!  Thanks, loved breakfast in Morrisons.  Very different experience from before lockdown though.  Every table is partitioned off.  You are allocated a table, either before you shop, or after!  No draught orange or coke, just bottles = fair enough.  Order was brought to the table.  Eat off plate on the tray.  They will discard - not you.  You have also to fill in a form, with your name and telephone number, for track and trace if necessary.  Form will be destroyed after 21 days apparently.  Still, it was good to eat in the cafe again, plus remove my mask for a few minutes haha!  Needs must, huh? x

Hi!  Great that your sister can help, and your hair is an easy length.  My balance was affected by a brain stem stroke too, so balance is off as well.  However, use a walker now though was in a wheelchair for 14 years.  Glad you get deliveries OK.  Cafe was fine at Morrisons, despite partitions etc!  Needs must haha!  Be well.  Love Carole x

Hi Ann.  You're right, it felt really good to have a sense of normality again, eating in the cafe haha!  Indeed, likewise, I will feel brilliant after my hair is finally cut and coloured once more!  Seems ages....

It was odd at Morrisons cafe, although most welcome.  The tables are all partitioned, you are allocated a table beforehand, drinks are bottles not draught, unless in cups.  They bring your food (with cutlery and napkin), you eat off the plate BUT ON THE TRAY. You also fill in a form with your name and telephone number, should contact trace be necessary.  Apparently, these forms are destroyed after 21 days.  They also dispose of your tray.  Needs must, huh?! Carole 

Yes, it's all a bit of a faff but necessary I suppose. I'm not a face mask lover though as I find them too hot and mine keeps slipping off all the time. It's a pain trying to hear what people are saying for me too!  I'm deaf so I need to lip read otherwise brain doesn't connect with ears even with my hearing aids in!

Indeed, it is a neccessary evil!  Poor you, and those like you!  It must be horrible for those who need to lip read!!!!!  Like many, I don't like wearing them either, and my glasses keep steaming up!  It was good to remove the mask to EAT haha!!  Sooner a vaccine is found, the better!  Mind you, the scientists, nurses and doctors etc have done A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y so far, haven't they?  God bless them.

Hi Carole, that's similar to M&S cafe but you collected your drinks/ food as normal. It's interesting that you had to give your contact number, we didn't have to but maybe they should have done that it's a good idea.

 I've been to our local retail park this morning and most of the shops like Outfit and Next are open now, they all expect you to use their hand gel on entering and some on leaving as well. I've used the gel about 6 times in the space of about an hour and it's the type of gel that doesn't absorb very well so my hands were a bit sticky and itchy, couldn't wait to get home to wash them properly lol. 
There's not much pleasure in shopping at the moment.


Fully agree Ann, shopping is not fun just now, as it usually is.  Too much thought, re hand gel etc, instead of not having to think about it!  I also prefer washing my hands MYSELF, and not squirting gel, because we don't know really what's in it!  I don't mean harmful per se, but abrasive or an irritant to skin, as in your case.

Also thought giving name and contact number was sensible in this crazy time!  Better as well, that I was alone rather than with a few? (Not in the same household, obviously!) Be well.  Carole

Agree with the gel.  My skin is really rough around the fingers so I have gone back to my original idea before the gel was introduced - I wear my gloves in the supermarket making sure I don't touch anything I'm not buying.  Some of the gels are really sticky and horrid whereas others are like water. I've got some Carex gel in my car and take gloves off as soon as I get in my car and wash them when I get home as well as my hands. Can't beat soap and water.

Too right about soap and water!!!  Poor you, having to avoid certain things, and wear gloves.  Needs must, I guess!  Am making dinner right now, so apologise for short answer!

Smart to wear gloves at the moment, inside shops.  Can't be too careful!!!  Right about different consistencies for gels too, sadly..........

This is so funny. All the girl members rushing to get hair done but nothing from the boys lol love judyx