Me again friends!

Us ladies seem to care more about our appearance!  Glad I didn't have to queue at the hairdressers.  Heard about loooooong queues!!  Couldn't be bothered with that!  At least Vicky, my hairdresser, VISITS ME!!  Love Carole x

Hi Judy!  Hope you are well.  Love Carole x

Hi!  Hope you are well.  Peace Carole

Hi Ann!  Hope you are well.  Peace Carole

Hi Carole, I'm ok thanks enjoying the wonderful sunshine we have again today. We went shopping yesterday and today took back what I'd bought because you can't try things on in the shops. So annoying, don't think I'll bother buying anything else for now.
Would dearly love to go away but think it may be difficult with all the restrictions, don't think it's worth the hassle at the moment. We can go out Sunday lunch now to our favourite pub in Corbridge which makes everything feel a bit more normal, it's just nice to see people again.

How are things with you, keeping well I hope. Hope you're managing to get out more now.

Stay well.


Hi Ann

That's a shame about you having to return goods, because you can't try anything on.  Understandable, I guess though I also understand why you don't want to do that again just now.........

Agree.  It's simply not worth going abroad in the middle of a pandemic!!!!!  The weather too, is good here so why?

Likewise, had first meal out at a restaurant on Monday, with my cousin and her little daughter.  Loved being back amongst people again, albeit in facemasks and safe distancing!!!  Meal was gorgeous too, and most welcome!  Am sure you feel the same!  Great to having someone else cook, clean up and do the dishes haha!  That's what we pay for heehee!

Thanks, had my first manicure and pedicure since lockdown, on Thursday, so feel human again as had my roots done again a few weeks ago too!  Similarly, hope you and the family are well and happy.  Stay safe Carole