Unlike some on here , on their own. I am eternally grateful, to have my loving wife. If honest, must admit do need help. Sometimes, bad days . 3 years on . If out mobility scooter, (1 hour , max ) , rollator. Home walking stick. Sometimes help with shower, eating, cooking. Out of bed early, few hours, then back to bed 3 hours . Every day .Manage few days on my own, if prepared. Lucky to be in bungalow, like Dalexs , don’t do stairs. THE QUESTION IS , if for whatever reason I was on my own ,poss move to a ground floor flat, wet room? But would need help, on my own . Think you can get retirement flats with help. HOW does this work. Or any other ideas. Brain, just loves anxiety now, almost looking for next thing to worry about. :joy: . Good day today. Hope same for you lot . David.

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@David3 I’m sure there are a lot of us who are grateful for help following our strokes. My husband has been great even if at times I could cheerfully throttle him…not literally of course.
Although hopefully you won’t need it should you ever find yourself on your own then your starting point would be to get a care needs assessment done…local council do them i think. There are also lots of assisted living places around the country. I would imagine the council are the place to start with this too. Although there are some from companies like Mccarthy Stone that provide assisted living places. Hopefully you’ll never need it but no harm in being prepared :grin:

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This might help Housing options for older people or people with disabilities - NHS

Its too easy to think how well you are doing, how independant you have become, while in the background someone is quietly pulling together all the loose edges and making sure everything happens as it should. This is a thankyou to my wife, but it extends to all those in the background helping us, each of us, to have some sort of a life.



Also worth thinking about what would happen if your wife became unwell herself. What kind of help would she want? My husband and I are now fairly equal in our creakiness, and are fortunate in having converted a bungalow to live in, but I am beginning to think that we may need more OUTSIDE help and that perhaps this should come from strangers rather than relying on our daughter who lives nearby (not that she hasn’t been absolutely wonderful so far

It’s true we all need help and support and encouragement humans in general terms are not meant to be alone


Hi , Thanks, seem to lay awake, almost looking for something new to worry about. I completely understand ridiculous. David.

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Hi John, AS ALWAYS, helpful advice. Hope all is good. :grin: . David.

Hi David. Things aren’t too bad. Still get little moments of frustration and have not long recovered from the dreaded Covid. That meant four days in bed, loss of appetite and a feeling of nausea. I stay pretty calm but still swear loudly at inanimate objects that seem to conspire against me occasionally.


Hi Bob , I am not as good as you with words . Best education, but was dyslexic, school, not good for me. Soo appreciate my wife’s help. Have 4 cordless doorbell pushes around the house I try not to use . Ding dong ! Sends ME , barmy ! Never mind someone else . Birthday boy , tomorrow 64 , quiet day sat in garden? I am easy to please. :grin: . David.

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@David3 A day sat in the garden sounds great, I’d sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake with you, no problem. :moon_cake: :coffee:
I bet your Mrs will be making a fuss of you.
Anyway I hope you have an especially good day, :smiley:
All the best,
bob :+1:

@David3 happy birthday for tomorrow. A nice quiet day being spoilt by your family sounds great :blush::blush::blush::blush:

Happy Birthday @David3

Now I want cake too :birthday:

I know the feeling my brain like to have daft thoughts running around my head is slight or not sometimes OCD. Had it for a long time but the stroke does not help lol

Good hearing from you ,Thanks Des .

Happy birthday if a little late :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday: