It is over 4 years since I had my stroke TIA and I am lucky I am making progress I now do Aqua 3 times weekly BOX EXERCISE ( AT MY OWN PACE ) and Karate again at my own pace Clubs I am a member of are very understanding I do not touch alcohol
Tiredness is still a problem but it is something I TRY CONTROL
it is sometimes difficult but steady sensible exercise really helps


@MARTINE good to hear you have managed to get into all those things. It’s an encouraging story for others. Well done on your great progress.

My stroke was four years ago, as well, and I still struggle with tiredness. Seems to be pretty typical. I’m glad you are doing so well. Keeping active is key in stroke recovery. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Thank you exercise really helps but I am careful not to overdo it as tiredness creeps up on you

Take care

Regards Martine

Thanks everyone for the replies If it helps anyone progress and improve it is worth while