Managing Finances and Dealing with your Bank

Hi everyone. As a retired employee of one of the big banks, how many would say their bank supported/helped them. My own experience is not a happy one. From fruitless conversations on the phone, lack of common sense (emotionless, ill informed computers make decisions now) and any empathy. Sadly I go to three large online retailers now who, after checking my background, shower me with ‘Credit’. (Be very careful if you depend on a Credit for purchases, at times, that you don’t get out of your depth. Very easy and expensive but often the only option you have). In my dealings with my bank, there is a total lack of understanding of the effect stroke/TIA have on you.


So far my bank has been supportive in it’s communications with me and they do see quickly when I do have to go in branch…Otherwise most of my banking is done through the Post Office


I haven’t had any sort of relationship with my personal or company banking in decades.
I’ve had a personal account for 60 years at the same branch

My wife reminded me that we used to get very good customer services from the personal account many years ago but it slipped not just a long way but into total nothing less

The combination of automation and global costing models shifting over from where it’s cheapest and taking all the personal touch out

C’est la vie - nostalgia is not what it used to be :slight_smile:




I have to do all my banking online as they shut my local branch. I would change banks but they’ve shut local branches too. I can’t get to the nearest one without help so am stuck with online.



I too am an ex-banker and have worked for a very very big to the medium. Unfortunately my retirement (and it probably will be) is forced rather than wanted but in many ways I am glad as it’s a horrible industry often.

I worked in Compliance, AML and Risk Management Ian - I was an FCA / PRA approved person for various executive management roles for over 10 years - obviously I am no longer!!

I have never worked for the bank I bank with but actually I have found that Barclays have been very very supportive. They got an, I’m not sure what, executive customer care person to discuss my needs since becoming disabled with me and then did actually what I asked in terms of large print statements etc (I mean of course they also send me normal print statements too - they are a bank!!). They also sent me a fortnum and mason hamper! I do have a premier account but actually when they found out what had happened they agreed to keep it active for me guaranteed for 2 years, free, despite the fact that I no longer meet their financial criteria!

So I guess I am actually recommending a bank!! I loved and hated banking - I have worked for 6 different banks in my 20+ year career and I would tell you to avoid the last 3 at least like the plague! :rofl:

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I “lost” passwords and pins with my stroke in February. TSB online were very good and gave me a phone number which connected me straight to a human. I’ve virtually given up on Nationwide because when I needed to top up an account in a hurry they would only help me if I agreed to be interviewed by telephone the following week and then become a “case”. I did not think it was worth it as my ability to correctly enter numbers and letters varies daily. Two tier verification is still a nightmare for me at times.


:blush:I’m glad you found a rarely. :+1::+1:

Lots of offers around to swap banks at the moment.
Nationwide offering £200 and currently comes with an 8% savings account.


That’s a wow

8% Is that a typo, is it like a thousand days access?

No, it’s a monthly saver, 12 month account so it’s a good headline but may be not quite what it seems.
Think the interest rate isn’t fixed so possibly it might change but it has only just launched

I can see why you might think it’s a typo :grin: it’s limited to £200 per month. Really you only get 8% on the first month, the next deposit gets 11/12ths of 8% and so on

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First direct have had a 7% one for some time.


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I was trying to clear out some old books earlier with JP’s help - keeping the bookshelf display ones and I found this!! :rofl: :rofl: :astonished:

I will not be keeping this one ha ha

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Another find - a few years worth of business cards… keep for nostalgia or chuck???


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