Making the most of the sunshine on my e-bike

Hello Everyone,

Hope this does not upset anyone who is not as able as me.

I know I am lucky but just wanted to let you know that I have been out on my e-bike again and helping my left side get some therapy in the sunshine. I went to the Cookoo trail which is a cycle trail from Heathfield to Polegate in Sussex. It goes through some lovely countyside with primroses, blubells and wild garlic growing alongside the path. The trail follows the old railway line so is not steep hilled but is a gentle downhill to Polegate and therfore a gentle uphill to get back to the car. I found a nice little cafe and had a coffee and a chocolate muffin, mmmm!

I will take the rest of the day easy as have to work tomorrow.









Sounds wonderful, glad you've had a lovely day ?‍♀️ xx

Hi sounds good

what is an e-bike

thanks mark