Low and no alcohol worth considering?

Continuing the discussion from Newbie, stroke at 50.:sob::

We should have a new topic on this @Chrisfw :slight_smile:

Lot of us find post stroke that we want an alternative drink that leaves out or reduces the alcohol.

what have people had that they would recommend others try?

I’ve found quite a few decent beers but no wines that are even worth considering

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Likewise @SimonInEdinburgh LA wines just dont do it. Still trying to find a decent LA larger that i like. Leffe ok, lucky saint ok ish but for me peroni, heineken dont do it…
Tried Days but not good.
Be interested on other views. I guess most of us need to watch what we drink now.

There’s a really good stout, galactic something.

Found it!
Big Drop Brewing Galactic milk stout

100% shipyard if you like a bottled beer. Closest to the original I have found. 3 for £4 in Morrisons is cheapest I have found.

This isn’t bad either but always a bit dubious about anything with grapefruit in it such as the Elvis juice.

This on the other hand, avoid big time.

The idea seemed good but it really wasn’t.

@BakersBunny Yes i like all the Big drop ive tried. Yet to try their larger. Waitrose sometimes have the beers on offer.
One i dont like is Doom Bar alc free. For me its terrible, but everyones taste is different.

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Grapefruit is one of the fruits that I thought nobody should take with medication It’s not deffo not advisable with anticoagulants, antiplatelet and statins and stuff

And besides that my wife wouldn’t allow me to buy brew dog because of the reputation they have for how they treat their staff!



I agree but then I don’t like Doom bar with alcohol either, like fuirsty ferret, and spitfire - something about them

The AF wissice beers all seem to be good, I know you said you aren’t a Guinness fan but I find that the Guinness is ok,

, Chris suggested a gin in the thread of this one started from - I don’t remember the name but you can easily refer back to the other thread


Barvaria is our favourite

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Agree! Its just not right

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I gave up alcohol 5 years before I had my stroke, my partner jokes that if I had kept drinking as much red wine as I used to drink I wouldn’t have had my stroke in the first place. I have certainly got very close to reaching back for a glass these past few months. Hopefully that comment is not too poor taste and it does at least bring half a smile to my face on the difficult days.

I can fully agree that I have yet to find a decent replacement for red wine, but there are plenty of ok alcohol free beers - for real ale fans the closest I have to come to a decent pint is Bowness Brewing Swan, there are tonnes of IPA’s and I would also give another vote for big drop. Also for something lighter, actually the zero Corona is quite drinkable and I say that as someone who never liked lager. I am also told that the Guinness Zero is excellent, but never like Guinness even when it had alcohol in it. I would also give a thumbs up to the alcohol free German Weiss beers. None of the above however can recreate that feeling of sitting in a beer garden on a warm summers day as I sat back and marvelled at that glowing pint of real ale. Oh well.


Waitrose does a nice low alcohol cider 1% or they used to

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Another dimension is purine free beer which is gout friendly

Some of our common meds increase the likelihood of crystals in the joints. Elbows as well as big toe are a potential pain point

Have a look at

All there AF and low purine beers are lagers

Asahi gets a good write-up else where and one - the stellar solstice is lo purine &4.5%proof

I’ve also used

They have a very big range including low sugar lots of IPAs which aren’t to my taste etc

@BakersBunny don’t forget lucky strike which you were partial to one point with a curry :slight_smile:

It’s just a shame that all the AF wine is such a sham - I have to stick with the full fat versions


@MrSpratt its ok but personally not keen on amount of suger per bottle something like 10gms. Others i like have less than 1 gm. But its a personal taste thing :+1::beer:

Ill give Ashahi a go.

Just found a wheat beer to try…:saluting_face:

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Apparently there is a genetic predisposition to the degree to which alcohol is pleasing.

Also, personally, if some do find your comment close to the knuckle for them I think you still have a right to say it. This forum needs to support a community culture of tolerance empathy understanding of the variety and diversity of the individuals that make it up

not adherence to the minimum common standard. As someone previously said that makes for a very anodyne place that won’t give any of us the support that we need. It also makes it an uncomfortable place when one makes a comment in good faith and suddenly a unseen zap.

I haven’t tried the Swan but I will Look out for it and the wiesce beers are good. My wife likes the LA ciders There is a cloudy one - she thinks it’s Sainsbury’s own


Maybe , lemonade, soda water, water even. to dilute your favourite tipple and carefully reduce consumption a little.

A pint of shandy, a little rum and a lot of coke, etc. etc.

Nowt wrong with sweet judicious use of moderation rather than the harsh rigours of abstention.

A little of what you like and all that . . .

keep on keepin’ on
:wine_glass: :sunglasses: :+1:


Heineken 0.0 works for me. :wink:

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oh and Cobra zero with a yummy curry is good. :curry: :beer:

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