Long Term Changes

I have had hemiplegia for seventeen years. I broke my right hip about fifteen years ago (don’t ask!) Very recently I can feel - albeit indistinctly - whether the ball of my foot or my heel is on the ground. I wonder if links in the brain restore after such a lime?

[Ball of the foot - abaft the toes.]


Links can and do restore and repair, and they can reroute themselves if there’s another connection close by. In fact I posted a video on just that back in March here :smile: Just click on the blue title and it will take you there. It’s amazing what the brain can recover if given enough time and lots of input from their human…so get working on it :wink:


It does take time, and I don’t know how long, those video clips are speeded up for the purpose of the video obviously. But I think it’s in terms of years rather than months, if it is going to happen. Clearly many years in your case with your foot.

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@Geoffrey all the best to you, Godbless.
@EmeraldEyes thanks for the amazing info…good stuff.

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@Geoffrey i believe it can happen after all that time. I hope it’s the start of better things to come for you.

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