Long haul flights after a Stroke

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I suffered an ischaemic stroke on the 4th of April, it affected my vision, mostly on the left side, after a few days in hospital I am at home recovering, the main issues for me at the moment is the fatigue and pains which come and go and causes me worry over having a second stroke, I’ve already had some really good advice on this forum which has helped reassure me a lot.

Another thing that I was wondering was what experience people have of long haul flights following a stroke, we were due to visit my daughter in America mid June for a few weeks, this would be less than 3 months after my stroke so we are thinking we are almost definitely going to have to delay the trip but we have no idea when I should even consider making such a trip. We will speak to my doctor and I know every recovery is different but if anyone has any thoughts or experiences they would be happy to share that would be much appreciated.


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It may make a difference whether you had a hemoragic or ischaemic
Also can you get insurance at 3months?
Did your have a cause found yet?

Generally the med staff will express a preference for more time (ime)

Simonps if you search - maintained glass above - you’ll find lots on insurance and a fair amount on flying

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I had a third stroke in January. The specialist said my stroke was nothing to do with flying and I should be ok. He’s not concerned. I fly to Canada 1 st May from uk and Indian Ocean in June

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In the end it is up to you. You may have to fly without insurance. I flew 6 weeks post-stroke, but that was a repatriation with medical support.


It will really depend on the type of stroke & what the airline you are flying with says. I flew short haul 5 months after my stroke & had to get a fit to fly letter.

Have a read of this leaflet

But above all check with your GP as they know your medical history.

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