Light headed

i had my stroke 15 month ago i feel fine get tired a lot but just rest but i have started to go for walks to not to far but i go light headed  if their is a bench i sit or if am near home i head back does anyone get this hate feeling like this

Hi ,I had my stroke 9months ago ,I've suffered with dizziness ever since ,was told it was vertigo now I've been told it's from my stroke ,hate feeling dizzy its stopping me from doing things again because im scared of going dizzy while I'm out ,I've found this the hardest thing to cope with x

hi nicola  went to the shops today only went in one shop when we came out i said to my husband i need to sit down hate feeling like this i just needed to come home

Hi Nicola. Were you given any tablets from your GP for the vertigo? I've been a sufferer since the 1980's but I always have Stemetil in the house prescribed by the Dr. Luckily mine didn't get any worse after my stroke but I find certain things set it off like eating too much cheese, turning around too quick, reversing my car and even cleaning my ears sets it off. I've learnt to sleep on my back with pillows at either side of my head to stop me moving around in the night and always bend with the knees rather than straight over.  Stemetil work great for me and take it off pretty quickly if I feel it coming on.


I had my stroke 4 yrs ago and still feel a horrible fuzzy feeling in my head especially when  i over do it. You might want to check the drugs your using as I now take Perindopiril to keep my blood pressure low. This makes me light headed when I get up to fast after bending, crouching etc

Hi I had my stroke a year ago a d the fuzzy head is still a problem for me, worse when I am tired.  I cant turn my head too quickly and I have to walk slower but hey it could have been so much worse.

thanks jenny its a pain but as you say could be a lot worse went the fair with the grankids today my worse nightmare my grandaughter who is 13 tried her best to get me on a ride big no bad enough just watching

 i go next week to see my nurse go over my tablets see what she has to say

Hi Brian - hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any other side effects from Perindopril apart from lightheadedness? Reason I ask is that my current BP medication is no longer obtainable by Boots Chemist and they cannot get hold of a generic version so my GP has switched me to Perindopril. I have been on Accupro which is brand name for Quinapril so it is already an Ace Inhibitor and I don't have any side effects with it so I'm hoping Perindopril will be the same. Look forward to hearing - thanks.

Hi Onwardsand upwards

I don't think I have any other side effects. Only makes me light headed when i get up too quickly



Hi, I don't believe the meds are making anything worse. As like you the only thingg that helps ease all the symptoms is rest

Thanks Brian. I am now on Perindopril tert-butylamine 4mg - today is my 4th day. So far, so good. I also feel a bit dizzy when I lay down but I had this with the previous tablets. They seem to work the same way in that it reduces my blood pressure within an hour. The only difference is I have to wait 30mins to 60 mins before breakfast to take them to avoid stomach upset which is mainly due to having my gallbladder out recently  whereas the others I could take after my breakfast.  The good thing is they are made in the UK so fingers crossed, the chemist won't have difficulty getting hold of these. The previous ones were made in The Netherlands.

Sounds like a long term solution........... fingers crossed !


Hi, my stroke was 12 months ago. My head is very odd since my haemorrhage. I get a dizzy feeling and at times a fuzzy feeling. Nothing is completely clear now. Totally weird but I’m getting used to it.