Life is Full of Surprises

I’m now 2 years on from my stroke & am doing ok. A couple of months ago I started to feel a bit blurgh & my energy reserves were depleted. I’ve had a bit going on so thought it was just that & it’d pass.

At end of Nov, one Friday evening, I had what I described as a funny turn. Felt really weird, had some right sided weakness which didn’t last long, a headache & then a tingling down my right leg which went away over night. My right side’s my non affected side. It passed & I thought I’d just overdone it. It was then followed by 3 weeks of awful fatigue almost as bad as when I had my stroke.

I had a drs appointment booked for something else anyway so decided I’d mention it then.

Last week I finally saw my Dr & to cut a long story short I had a pleasant few hours at the TIA clinic on Christmas eve. I mean what else would you rather be doing :grin:

After obs, heart tracing, MRI & oodles of blood tests they seem to think my funny turn was probably a TIA although as I’d left it before seeing Dr it can’t be confirmed 100%.

The most disappointing thing is they have no idea why it happened. I have no risk factors apparently although a stroke & this TIA say otherwise. He said I could just be susceptible to these things. Lucky me.

My concern now is if i’m doing all I can & taking all the right meds & it’s still happening then what can I do to make sure next time it isn’t so much worse. It’ll only worry me for a few days then I’ll just go back to getting on with life & deal with it if it happens.

On the plus side they did find a heart & a brain so it’s not all bad :rofl:

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Happy Boxing Day Enjoy whatever you are doing.


I have had some moments where I suspect there has been another small TIA in my brain. I feel fatigued for a while but (as you say) I get back to getting on with life.
If we are taking meds then what else can we do apart from living within our capabilities?
My outlook at the moment is ‘do what I can when I can and as long as I can’.
What may happen may also not happen.


@Mrs5K that’s not the sort of Christmas present anyone wants to unwrap, I’m so sorry you got that unfortunate gift :people_hugging:
Your working now aren’t you? Could that just be too much pressure for your body? It’s the only thing I can come up with if you are doing everything else right, such as healthy diet and plenty of exercise, taking your meds. What more can you do? Like so many of us, you are at that point we’re all at, waiting at the gates of medical science for that next discovery in stroke. We can only reduce the risk, unfortunately we can’t eliminate the risk.


That’s my outlook too. If it is going to happen there’s probably not much we can do about it. Let’s live life as best we can whilst we’re able.


@EmeraldEyes yes I’m working now. Part time & yes it may well be part of the cause. I’m currently looking at ways I can cut my hours & still afford to live. Had a long chat with my boss just before Christmas.

It wasn’t the best Christmas gift but better than the one you had a couple years ago i think.

You’re right about reducing but not being able to eliminate the risk. Onwards & upwards we go.
I’m probably not exercising as much as I need to as too exhausted after work & my left leg just won’t do as it’s told :grin:


So you really are between a rock and a hard place aren’t you?!
Is there any possibility of early retirement…retire on medical grounds or voluntary redundancy? Then of course you have the finances to consider. And all these considerations can only be adding to your pressures.

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After reading @Outlander’s very similar post just now and my own struggles over the last 3 weeks with new symptoms it seems we are many of us suffer from the same challenges :frowning:



I’m looking into retirement options but I’m too young really to early retire as it just wont pay enough. Partial retirement though is a possibility. Not sure I’ll get medical retirement but I’m thinking my boss might want an Occupational health assessment done when I confirm the TIA so I can ask then. No redundancy options.

Decisions decisions :thinking:

@SimonInEdinburgh I feel for you. I feel like i’m in a permanently spaced out world. It’s horrid & hope you get some relief from it soon.



The medical people do not seem to know what spaceiness means - previously they didnt recognise the significance of it when it was significant.

Leeds to on and going anxiety :frowning:


I’m concerned for you but pretty useless with no suggestions, interventions or anything constructive to say.
We are headed towards New Year and I sincerely hope that good wishes will somehow steer you towards better prospects and outcomes.
Take care and recover smartish, no dawdling mind.
keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


At our zoom session this morning it was obvious to me that something was up. After hearing about your concerns for your ‘runaway’ it seemed to me pretty obvious that you were getting overwhelmed. I have a feeling that Lea would have helped you settle down had she been there.
I hope all that is now looking better and you aren’t feeling as lost.
Take care buddy.
keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:

here’s a heart for the two of you
and, by the way, I think ‘spaciness’ is not something that should be treated by medication, but this is just my opinion, of course.


@Bobbi thank you for your concern. I intend to recover quick smart & keep moving forwards. No point worrying about things I can’t control I guess :grin:

@SimonInEdinburgh I’m not sure if it’s the same but I described mine as lightheaded, woozy, dizzy. I wonder whether you need to rest more? Look after yourself first as you can’t help anyone if you’re not firing on all cylinders. Overdoing it can make things worse. Is it worth requesting an ENT referral? I’m awaiting a face to face appointment after my telephone consultation a few weeks back.

Best wishes to you both.


Thanks @bobbi

Fortunately Taz turned up
He is the kids cat and Lea has to go feed them while they are away


Hi all,
You are some of the long time posters that I’ve grown very fond of over the last couple of years.

I’m really sorry to hear about your current issues Ann & Simon and hope things improve soon for you both. I have had a full-on November & December at work. I’m making the most of this week off to recharge so haven’t been active on here.

Let’s hope 2024 brings us all further improvements and happy times.

I’ll try to make an appearance on a zoom soon :grin:.



Thank you Mark, @Ingo66

It’s funny how you can grow fond of people through messaging on a forum. I am the same.

Hope you do manage to get some well earned rest this week ready to start afresh in the new year.

Happy New Year to you.



Hi Mrs 5k. You are one of the people on here that I’ve found most helpful and encouraging and I’m so sorry to hear you are have g problems. I knew nothing about stroke until I had one 14 months ago but boy am I learning fast!
I have employed a private physio at an eye watering amount of money. I felt I was at a standstill and I know I am lucky that I can afford to do so. He has turned out to be very good and pushes me just that little bit further. I was starting to gain confidence and to walk better until 3 days ago when I was getting into the car. Suddenly I was on the floor with a banged head sore arm and a painful tailbone! Why on earth did that happen? Can see no reason for it and I’ve now lost all my confidence again.
Ann I hope you get some help soon. Think about that retirement and hopefully you will find a way to either retire or at least reduce your hours. We have just been out to lunch with friends and I am now absolutely shattered. I can’t imagine ever coping with going back to work.
Good luck Ann hope you get some answers soon - Janet


@Apple Hi Janet, thank you for your kind words. Really sorry to hear of your fall. Try not to let it knock your confidence it sounds like you were doing so well. Easy for me to say & not so easy to do I know. Hope your pains are easing off :hugs:

I’ll bounce back i’m sure & reduced hours at work is definitely on the cards…been working through some figures with hubby today.

Hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friends. I’m always shattered after going out too.

Look after yourself.

Ann x


Isn’t it weird how tiring socialising is. I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk a couple of miles with just the dog for company without getting too tired and yet going out for lunch with friends exhausts me.

I hope that you can sort out reduced hours at work. I’ve been lucky enough to take an occupational pension - it’s not vast but we get by. I have been able to take on a little amout of work, about 2 hours a week, and the money is lovely, but I certainly wouldn’t want to do any more.


I’m always exhausted for days after socialising. It’s very weird. I limit my socialising………choose carefully which events I attend so I can get through a week.

Glad you’ve managed to sort out your finances so you can get by & just do a little amount of work. There are times when I wish I could just give up work and do something similar but despite it being exhausting it does keep me sane. I don’t think full time will be an option for me anymore so will have to make it work somehow,

Happy new year to you. Hope 2024 is kind to you, xx


Bless you so sorry to hear this such a worry isn’t it. I also suffered a hemmoragic stroke last oct and is my worry always that I will have another one as I did almost die! Was put in a coma and spent a month in hospital :frowning_with_open_mouth: not knowing any of my time spent in hospital as they given me amnesia drugs do I didn’t remember as was very traumatic time as my daughter and best friend tells me so fully understand your worries. Like you I take all the necessary precautions and don’t drink nor smoke but every day I suffer with anxiety :worried: that I could have another one. So feel your pain take care