Life is Full of Surprises

@Mickymoos thank you for your kind words. It sounds like you’ve had a much tougher time than I have. It must have been awful for you all. All we can do is take our meds & live as healthily as we can & hope for the best there’s never any guarantees but we can lower our risk & try & enjoy life the best we can with the hand we’ve been dealt.

Sending you my very best wishes.



I’m so sorry @Mrs5K to hear this - are you feeling any better now? Have you got to go back and keep an eye on things or not? I thought they could find anything on the MRI scan - both TIA’s and stroke?
It may be like you said, you’ve had a bit going on, so perhaps you overdid it? I really hope you’re feeling a whole lot better. Take care of yourself, John aka Bert


Hi John @Bert I’m not 100% sure re a TIA always showing up on an MRI. I think the chances of it being spotted on an MRI are greater if you go straight away. The consultant had a quick look at the scan on the day but it hadn’t been read by the specialist I don’t think. He did say all the symptoms I had were very TIA like.

I am feeling better than I was thanks. Just need to make sure I don’t overdo it again :grin:

I hope you’re getting on ok.

Ann x


Hi Ann, @Mrs5K it’s nice to hear from you. I could see from your other messages you hadn’t lost your sense of humour :rofl: it’s the one thing that keeps us gong isn’t it? I’m fine thanks, looking forward to the warmer weather - whenever that comes! You take care of yourself Ann all the best, John xx


Oh yes, a sense of humour definitely helps.

I too am looking forward to the warmer weather although I think I’d settle for no rain right now :grin:. Xx


Oh my dear Mrs 5k what a shocker! It’s like I say wx this journey ur always seems to be 3 steps forward then 2 back!! As you say we must all just try our best and try not to dwell on any negatives! Let’s hope it’s all onwards and upwards for you now love and virtual hugs auzywong xx


Dear Janet I too fell in my kitchen with no rhyme or reason for it. Thinking about it I think I just turned too quickly but like you it knocked my confidence for 6. I think we just have to accept we are not so steady on our feet as we were. That’s why I now go twice a week to strength and balance classes . They really do help . Take care and try to do things more slowly . Love Suzywong x


Suzywong. I am always being told to slow down! Physio, GP, nurses when I was in hospital! Doing everything quickly is me I’m afraid. Hard to change the habit of a lifetime! Pleased you’re ok. Take care and SLOW DOWN!!


Thank you also Ann this forum is most helpful I found and sadly their are others like ourselves whom have also suffered take care :blush:


Been missing you, Mark. I tried to invite you to a chat message, but found your messages are disabled. Just wanted to say here, think of you often, hope to see you when you find time.

I can’t imagine all the changes to acclimate to when getting back to work. It wears me out just to think of getting up to prepare for work, let alone staying ahead of the fatigue to get any done. Please know very many of us think of you very fondly and hope only the best for you.

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Hi DeAnn, Work has been sapping my energy and I have struggled a bit since the site transitioned s I can’t get it set up the same on n mobile.

Anyway, nice to hear from you, I’ll try and pop into some chats/Zooms.

Just to let you know I thought I had another stroke last Monday (25th) as my affected arm & leg weren’t functioning properly (well as post stroke version anyway). My son called an ambulance and they also thought it was a stroke so blue lighted me to hospital. I had a CT scan to hat showed no new scarring. Shortly after I had a couple of seizures and my BP went through the floor and they couldn’t get it back up so put me in ICU for 24 hours. Then transferred me to a normal ward for a couple of days on anti seizure meds. I came home on Thursday 28th and now signed off until next Monday (8th). Can’t drive for 6 months so will have to only work from home

Stroke…the gift that keeps on giving!

Anyway I hope you are doing okay and I’ll speak to you soon.

All the best.


@Ingo66 Hi Mark, am really sorry to read of your seizures etc. That must have been very scary for you. I really hope you are doing ok now & that you’re taking things easy so you can recover properly. Try not to rush back to work too soon. Hopefully they will be fully supportive of you working from home. I don’t know if you know about access to work but they can provide help with travel to work if you really need to go into the office as well as helping with other adaptations.

I hope they’ve managed to get your seizures under control & that you don’t have any more.

Take good care.

Ann xxx


While I am so happy to hear you did not have another stroke, I am not so happy about siezures. I hope they are finding the cause, and have a good solution in mind. No idea if you have to work, but if it is possible to get by without it, I highly recommend. Sometimes, I know being responsible for something (a job or another person) could be very helpful, but since I simply cannot imagine how I would manage, I prefer to not return to that kind of stress.

I am keeping you in my thoughts, sending light your way. I thought I might be right behind you on the return to work, but I no longer see that happening.

In the meantime, do you have a way to get around for needs, and some relaxing fun times?


Thanks both. No more seizures since being released from hospital but came come with a stinking cold (& slight breathing trouble).

I’m sure work will be fine with me working from home (as I was only going in 1 day per week).

I do actually really like my job as I am still very able to do it (3.5 days a week) so I want to carry on a couple more years (health permitting).

My wife can drive me if necessary but is not a keen driver, or more likely my son.

Thanks for your messages, I’ll try to stay in touch.


@Ingo66 good to hear no more seizures since getting home & i hope your cold has gone too.

Sounds like you have a supportive employer but make sure you look after your health too. I know what you mean about enjoying your job & wanting to work as I’ve just reduced my hrs so i can continue working too.

Take good care of yourself xx