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I am curious if there is anyone in the Leighton Buzzard area that has had a stroke and is exercising regularly. I find it difficult to keep up with my exercises and hoping to find a local person who has experienced the same situation as me to exercise with.

Anyone around?



Hi @JColt welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you tried places like the notice boards at your local library, church or health centre/gp surgery?
I know just what you mean, if I left it to just exercising at home I’d get none done as there’s always something else that needs doing. Your gp/health centre would be a good place to start looking for fitness groups you could join.
I go to a Strength & Balance class on a Monday which is run by Age UK and have made a few friends there. I also do a circuit training class on a Wednesday at a local gym which is also run through Age UK. And I my own weight resistance training at another gym 3 times a week.
Age UK don’t necessarily run the same type of classes in your area, it can vary all round the country.

There is also your local Rambling Society you could look up, for companionship on local walks. Your local council website is another place to look for group fitness activities.

I don’t know how old you are but, if you’re on facebook, you could search for say over 50s fitness classes or similar, for in your local area.

This is all basically what I had to do when the lockdowns ended and I’m so very glad I did. The beauty about seeking out over 50s groups is regardless of whether they’ve had a stroke or not, they are all of similar ability with other health issues. And psychologically its good for you, it helps you feel a little more “normal” and are usually full of admiration and encouragement for how you are progressing.


There are virtual groups run by different strokes and the stroke association & and others organisations

I’ve tried several times to try and get the folk who say things like you together through zoom to support each other but is hasnt had any momentum so far .

Your local authority probably runs exercise classes and charities like headway will also possibly know local groups also any gyms or swimming pools may do the same.

The stroke association helpline might also know of things in your local. There’s an interactive map on their website at



Hi J,

Good request. I am without physio at the moment, but everyday I have an exercise routine / just finished 1 hour floor routines where I exercise my core. Then I did some Achilles tendon stretches, now I’m going to look up some YouTube clips for further calf stretches. I like exercising on my own, then I do exactly what I need, no more, no less.

What I’m saying is don’t wait for things to happen ; there’s no reason you can’t do a ton of exercising on your own. It may feel a bit different, a routine you’re not used to, perhaps but you’ll get used to it… and you’ll be in the driving seat, in charge of your own physio routines ; imagine what a privilege !

Good luck to you, ciao, Roland


Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I will look into all of these suggestions. I appreciate it.

Best regards,


@JColt In addition to the above the Stroke Association online activities run exercise classes over zoom. You need to register with online activities & then you can join in those classes. Have a look at this link.


Best wishes



Shwmae J, this may seem a bit out of the box, but I do a small weight lifting regime each night and use Alexa’s Personal Trainer. It’s not a real person but it’s a computerised coach who goes through the exercise regime with me and has cheesy motivational commands.