Keep moving

Hi everyone,  hope you are all keeping well. I'm  trying hard to keep moving whilst in isolation  and do a daily exercise session whilst listening to my Spotify  play list. I find exercising to my favourite  tunes really helps and weather permitting, enjoy a walk outside. It's  really nice going outside to exercise  when the sun is shining  However, on Wednesday I had a fall?.   I was coming in from the garden, lost my balance and fell backwards  and hit my head on one of our garden chairs !!!. Luckily I didn't  do any damage, just grazed my elbow. My confidence  has taken quite a bashing and I feel quite nervous moving about the house but I'm not going to let my hard work for the past 3 years go to waste, so I'm now trying to build my confidence  back up. I was very lucky, it could have been much worse!! So easily done. Take care and stay safe  everyone.

Regards Sue 


Take care, it seems like a bad time for falls - Space Cadet also took a tumble.  It's so unsettling and scary.  Do you think it's more likely if you're tired?  

Well done for the exercise regime, it will definitely make you stronger so stick at it.

Stay very safe xx