Just checking in

Hi everyone haven't been on in ages so thought I'd just say hi. It's good to see so many new faces and to catch up with 'old' ones! It is so good to read everyone's experience. I'm now 18 months in and finally am understanding the new me. Recovery has slowed off as predicted, some damage to my neuro visual pathway has been deemed permanent. I have lost my job after much hassle. But hey I'm still here and finally getting into a new lifestyle with more 'me' time with lots of new interests and hobbies, and time for friends and family which is all good. So that saying 'every cloud....' is true for me. Love hugs and positive vibes to all xxxx

Dear Mo

Good to hear such a positive outcome. OK I am green with envy but pleased for you nevertheless.

So many loose their jobs. Not surprising. 

Did you have post stroke tiredness ? Did it just fade away or do you have to pace yourself ?

I dont know how to look at your previous posts on this site.

Best wishes


Hi Colin good to hear from you, you are such a good support on here thank you. Yes I do still have fatigue but have learned to factor in rest periods /even full days. I've made sure all family and friends fully understand that if I have to cancel at short notice or leave early or even just shut my eyes for half an hour, it is nothing personal!! And I am so blessed they have all remained true to me and accept its not me just the brain damage and I'll be back ASAP. I've found honesty is the best policy and confidence to say 'right now this is what I need/ the best way you can help me right now is....'. Don't get me wrong took me a while but happy all round xxx


What a nice attitude. And I am impressed with the honesty thing. I cant really explain this to friends or even family. And I know I am not going to be back to my old self.

I am trying to decide whether or not to push myself. At the moment I rest rather than push.

One thing I do find helpful...I get dressed/washed/make bed/breakfast and then I take a half hour rest. This sets me up better for the day ahead.

Nice to have your positivity on board