Iyengar Yoga

Hi I have practised Iyengar Yoga for 20 years. I had an acute stroke 2 years ago. Main problems are balance and memory.
My question is what poses should I avoid? My neighbour who is a Pilates teacher said I shouldn’t be doing inverted poses such as a headstand etc.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what poses I should avoid?

Shwmae @Puck, sorry to hear you got struck and welcome to the forum. I don’t know much about yoga, I practice Tai chi, but I do know that Pilates can be quite strenuous and yoga can put a strain on the body with some positions. I did hear of one person having a cerebellar stroke from a yoga position. I guess the answer would be not to do any positions that potentially twist or could pinch an artery but I am far from knowledgeable with this. Maybe contact a physiotherapist and see what they have to say.