I've broken my toe

  Last night I dropped a bedroom drawer on my toes. I was clearing out some things for the charity shop and put the drawer on the floor and it fell over onto my toes.  Woke up with a blue big toe and red and purple toe next to it and a blue one next to that!  I also had an NHS physio appointment at 1.30 today and wasn't going to miss that so drove ok to the hospital and limped in.  He wanted to look at my toe before he did any treatment (YAY, I got treatment today!) but said I must go straight down to A & E after he'd finished because he thought it was fractured.  Luckily, A & E weren't too busy so got seen after 15 mins. Definitely broken and now strapped up with tape for 4 weeks. What a plonker I am! 

D'oh!  Sorry to hear that - have you stopped swearing at the drawer yet?  That sounds so painful

??   Hope the physio will help the other problems and distract you from the poorly toes.  Ouch, thinking of you xx

Awe god, thats all u need. Hope it feels better soon. smiley

Poor you!

Fantastic you started your physio.  Shows what a tough cookie you are doing your session with a broken toe!!!! ??

I always knew housework was dangerous. 

Get better soon xx


Oocha! I'm amazed that you managed to do your physio. Hope your toes are better soon x

Thanks everyone! It certainly took my breath away when it happened and yes I did swear at it profusely! This is the 2nd time I've broken the same flipping toe. I fell up a hardwood staircase in the 1970's running up the steps in open toe sandals - once again, my own stupid fault! The nurse they don't do anything with broken toes only strap them up unless it's your big toe as that it is important for balance. So I'm glad I didn't end up in plaster as my car was sat in the car park!