It takes others to see changes sometimes

As you know, I have been going to my ‘ordinary’ Active Seniors exercise classes three times a week for nearly two years. Our age range is 60+ to 90. We all have various limitations, mine happens to be Stroke. I joined because I wanted to move on from my stroke centred exercise group, which I found repetitive and limiting. I think we were also seen as Stroke victims and not pushed on in any way.

My Active Seniors class starts with senior aerobics followed by Senior Circuit training (meaning nothing strenuously) and ends with a little seated Tai Chi. In the beginning I could only do bits of the aerobics and needed periodic rests. 

Lately, individuals in each class have remarked on my progress and how far I have come. One said to someone else yesterday, ‘It just shows how far you can come if you make the effort. She mentioned someone she knew who refused to exercise post stroke and just sat in a chair till he died.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get bad days, both mentally and physically. On these days my mood is low, my walking not so good and my balance a bit erratic. I also wish I had some of my old life back so I could go out by myself and do some of the things I used to enjoy, but can’t do any longer.

None of this stops me going to my classes three times a week and exercising to the best of my ability. Others have seen my improvement, so it must be happening. I will carry on going until it is physically impossible. Any improvement is a blessing.

So good to see a positive encouraging post on here, well done for persevering.

Great stuff Jeff.  We often think that we haven't improved much until someone notices and remarks on how good you are at something now. I bent down to switch the fan on the other night and hubby said "you wouldn't have been able to do that a month ago so it proves that your physio is working"  It's fantastic that you have moved on to aerobics now and not afraid to move on to something a bit harder to push yourself that little bit further.  Keep up the good work! yes

So pleased for you to get the positive feedback - you really deserve to make progress, as you put so much effort into your exercise regime ?.    It's an amazing commitment.  Great news and hoping that one day you will be able to achieve the opportunity to have greater independence.  Good luck and good wishes, Nic x