Is there anyone out there?

Just wanted to say hello ! Much preferred, the chatty version .

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I agree David. I keep checking for notifications but few appear. Hope you’re okay and still coping.

Well I am here, complete with my fancy shield but no ability to use the site. I really want to scoop up any recent SS who might appreciate a few words of comfort.


Hi David, I try and look regularly at the site but have to agree with the others it’s not an easy site to navigate and not easy to follow a thread.
Hope everyone is keeping well.

Hi David
I’m here too! Not quite sure how I’ve done it, or got to a view on my iPad which shows the latest postings! I don’t want to lose the view I’ve ended up with, so I daren’t touch any settings. I’ve tried posting a reply but it was a bit hit and miss. So this will be my second one…if it works! I don’t do the socials so maybe this version of the forum comes easier to those who do? I’m impressed with Colins shield…defender of of the stroke sufferer!!

I’m here. Where I’m not quite sure.where… There’s something wrong with this new layout. I’m not quite sure what but it’s not straightforward to find out what’s been happening since my last visit. I hope it gets changed. New/latest/unread/top - are all these options really necessary? Surely what we need to know is what’s happened since last visit???

Hello everyone :kissing_heart:
I never had the pleasure of the old site, but this one has me baffled! I check “latest” and there is nothing there, don’t understand why this thread didn’t show. This is the strangest set up for a forum I’ve ever seen.
Take care, everyone x

Right, I’ve just been blundering through the settings. I’ve altered mine, will update if it works!!

How is it going?

Hello David, yes, still here.

Hello Alfie
How did you alter your settings . Did it help ?

Hello everyone. I am still struggling with new site but keep trying! Lilian

Hello Lilian.

I think most of us struggle with the new forum. I don’t think any allowance is made whatsoever to the simple fact that we are stroke survivors and our brains no longer work adequately.

We are currently having a rain shower, came over very dark. My cat got indoors before the rain came and he then sat on my lap for a half hour. He is my best pal.
I am alone this week and the extra effort is laying me quite low. But my church is open at long last and I even took part of the service on Tuesday.

I miss the old crowd that met on the internet under stroke guide 2.

I shall now make a hot drink, spoil my cat with biscuits and watch afternoon TV.
Ps do you notice my name has a shield by it ? I think I am the only shield. I guess I should look in to it more, I think I can do changes etc. one day maybe, one day.

Hello Colin. Good to hear from you. I have been chatting to Norma who seems to have the same problems with the site as I do! Your cat always seems to give you lot of love and happiness. I don’t know if you knew but I have been having treatment by the nurse at the clinic for a bad scratch on my leg for over a month now. It is at last better now and I was discharged on Monday. Hope to hear from you Love Lilian

Hi John , been a bit down , but snapping ? (Wrong word for me now , something said or needs doing brain processes so slowly reacts. ) out of it . Thanks David.

Hello Mahoney , yes been resting , for a while. Thanks for asking.
Like your logo . Very impressed with myself for managing to put on my new photo .

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Hi Jane , doing ok thanks. Yes it feels almost as if you are looking up or researching, as opposed to just having a chat. Thanks David.

Colin , yes like most on here, I am sure , so appreciated your support. Thanks David

Hi all
If you are using a tablet for this site go to the drop down menu next to your icon/ picture and click mobile view when this has loaded on the top left of screen the drop down menu will give you the option of latest, choose this option.
I think this may help many of you with your much loved chats.

Hang on in there all, you will work this site out, just remember how much you have already overcome as a stroke survivor :clap::clap:

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