Is there anyone out there?

Hi Colin, found my way back in at last. Trying to work out an easy way to see what is going on.
Nice summery weather here.

Hello there. My name is Tricia. I tried the old site but never managed to get going as I’ve never come across someone who has had a thalamic stroke and I feel so alone. My symptoms are totally different in that I have lack of sensory feeling in my right side plus the usual memory loss trying to find words etc.

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Hello Tricia. Good morning. I don’t know what kind of stroke I had but it affected my right side. I lost all feeling in my right side but my memory has been unaffected. I am trying hard to get use in my right hand. It is really difficult. I use my left hand to type on my iPad very slowly! Let me know how you are. Love Lilian

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My cat is huge. 6kg. Frightful claws, But he has not once used them in anger indoors. He treats us two humans like his family.
Sooty adopted us not long after a stroke got me. What I loved is that he treated me as I am, no variation. He doesnt mind my disabilities.

I despair over this new version of the forum.

Nice to hear from you

Welcome back on board Tricia.
A stroke is a stroke. Mine is right lacuna, but all that means is the probable approx area in the brain. We all have different functions in different places, so the stroke will damage bits that are unique. No two strokes are the same. But we all share some common issues.
Strangely I had long term loss of feeling in both my lower legs, But after years of gentle persuasion the feet now work.

Memory banks are a dead loss. I try to just accept this loss,

So nice that you are back on board and well done for finding your way here. I cant work the site.


Dear Patricia

I really do not know what the shield means. I will be delighted to think of it as defeneder of the SS.
Now, if I could work out how the site works I could defend much more


Please can we borrow some of the NZ summery weather. Its the first November to have had a minus day. My records go back to 1998. I do live in a very sheltered spot in England. Less cold and very dry.


Hi Ann , Thanks David.

Hi Patricia, Thanks , I pad ! Considering updating my Samsung tablet, to I pad , don’t know if it is over the top & poss too complicated for me though ? Good talking David.

Hi Anthony, been having, bit of rest, for few weeks ! Cerebellar stroke 2.5 , years ago , poss similar to you ? Envious how neat your beard looks . 2 years after, decided, I couldn’t manage shaving, moving my head , is terrible for me , so decided to grow my lazy beard, no up keep , now & then, trimmer. Find with various, best just to adjust & accept. Good talking David.

Hi Rups , you wrapping up well , when outside , animals, orchard etc, how much land & animals ? I find I try to accept how I am & rather lazily, always interested in reading your research & others though.

Hello @David3, yes, the weather has become rather crisp, and I’m gathering wood every day for the burner. We have about 220 acres of natural woodland, pastures, and garden and orchard. We have ducks, geese, peacocks, pigs, sheep, chickens, cats, as well as, all the wildlife. I’ve just resurfaced from a fairly ghastly week, I suspect much of it has been due to acute nystagmus and blurred vision, but also just haven’t felt the hwyl to do much, and anxiety has crept in daily. Today, seems a little better though. At the moment, I am researching visual attention impairment to do with cerebellar stroke, but I don’t just research stroke things, I have a keen interest in history, so I have been steeped in Old English research over the past week. Hope all is well as can be with you.

Hi all. I’m just getting the hang of this site and, as many of you say, working out what to do is a bit tricky on this site! But I’m getting there… I’m coping with a laptop screen for 20-30 minutes and a month ago I wouldn’t have been able to stick it! Lovely to read your messages.

Hello Deigh, good to see you found your way onto the new site, it’s a bit confusing at times but we’re all learning together. Hope you are keeping well.

Hi Lilian - sounds like your stroke is similar to mine, loss of right arm and leg but speech and memory OK. In which case, can I recommend speaking your messages instead of typing? My phone is fairly good at transcribing what I dictate to it, although I always have to check what it has written for howlers. I always wondered why there was a microphone symbol next to the box for typing text messages… There is also something similar on my Windows laptop, but not as good. I have been told there is a device that can help us use the hand if you can get access:
AMADEO®: The pioneer in Finger-Hand-Rehabilitation| Tyrotherapy - has anyone used one?
Best wishes, Bruce

Think it is going to get extra hot this summer. At the moment I have both back and front doors open in the flat to let air through. This situation is normal for our hottest month in February, but not early December! We are being reminded to not waste water so I expect the narrowly averted drought over winter is rearing its ugly head again.
Thanks to lockdown my speech has deteriorated and I’m trying to find new ways to overcome the problem. Every evening I read out loud from a book called “The history of the guitar in jazz”. It is full of almost unpronouncable names. I’m on my fourth read of the book and it is beginning to break up. I’ve been searching the internet for a replacement but may have to find a tame bookbinder to repair it for me.

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Thanks for answering Colin

HI jane I cannot get on with this new site I miss all my friends on here I have been chatting to Lilian and that has kept me sane. If anybody out there can help I and many others would be very grateful. Norma.

Norma , great to see you back on . Not sure how I managed to put on new bearded photo of me , instead of circle , but makes things more friendly I think . Good talking David.

Hi Colin, breaking news! I found out what the shield means. By touching the round C by your name, it gives some “behind the scenes” information. Hopefully I can send a screenshot of what I saw. It confirms what we know, a leader (defender!)…no I can’t include a screenshot, so sorry I failed on this!!