Hello, I’m new here and trying to navigate the technology.

My husband had a suspected TIA just before last Christmas and has been discharged from the hospital after they couldn’t find any issues other than elevated triglyceride levels.

He’s still not particularly well and I think he’s had more than one TIA recently but he hasn’t sought help. This is difficult to deal with as I have a number of chronic health issues to manage myself and haven’t been able to work.

I’m shocked that the hospital didn’t offer any advice going forward e.g. this site or counselling etc. It’s been hard on both of us.

Any advice would be great. We’re both new to this.

Thank you xx❤️


Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for replying.

Yes, MBH (My Better Half) had the works; CT, MRI, 24 hr heart monitor and they took about 10 vials of blood from him.

I’ll speak with him about contacting the GP for counselling. I just hope they don’t just bung him on one of those one-size fits all programmes. Thank you for the advice.

Best wishes


@Worriedlilwifey welcome although sorry you’ve had cause to join us.

If you suspect your husband has had some more TIAs recently he should really see his GP to get referred into the TIA clinic. TIAs are a warning sign & should not be ignored. If you think he’s having another TIA you should call 999.

Call the stroke association helpline too as they can advise you on all the things that should be being done. Also look up the NICE guidelines as that specifies what should be done too.

Contact your GP to see if they can get some hrlp for you too as you also have a lot to deal with.

Hope things improve for you.

Ann x


I have had this conversation with MBH (My Better Half) on more than one occasion and he’s not done anything. I don’t know what I can do apart from calling on his behalf but ultimately the surgery won’t talk to me as I’m not him.

Best wishes

Thank you. I did reach out to a local counselling service today (not stroke related) but this would be very helpful.


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Thank you, I will.


My husband is just like that too. Sometimes you can ring the GP & ask if they’ll call him. But not all GPs will do that. You could see your own GP & just talk to them about how you’re feeling & register yourself as his carer.

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I’m a husband; I’m like that too :slight_smile:
The helpline is good. The calls referred to above are the ‘Here for you’ service

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My wife runs a carers ‘cafe’ via zoom ever other Thursday afternoon 1330-1430 via Launch Meeting - Zoom - next one is 27th

As well as this forums members who have wide experience the stroke association my stroke guide is full of support so are the orgs & groups linked here

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I think MBH had a bit of an epiphany yesterday and has accepted he probably has had another TIA. He tried to contact the TIA clinic but his messages kept being bounced back. He’s contacting the GP himself today, or so he says.


Thank you, some great suggestions here. I wouldn’t be able to join the Zoom as Thursdays are out for me but I’ll definitely be in touch with the others. You’ve all been so helpful, I’m quite overwhelmed.

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I think that’s a brilliant idea. Econsult, email and messaging are no longer being used by our surgery and the only way to reach them now is by phone. Invariably that’s engaged so yes, I think snail mail would be better. It always worked in the past.

We’ve all had shades & variations of the same worries and needs
Stay strong

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Update: We’re in A&E waiting room. MBH called the GP and he promptly sent us here. Unsure why he didn’t refer immediately to the TIA clinic but we’re further forward than before. Thanks everyone for your help and advice xx


Good step forward.

Remember too: stuff generally gets better, it generally is less pessimistic than the med staff say, it takes 5 times longer than you think, everyone has to work for the improvements, improvements only stop if effort stops, there’s likely to be further setbacks and wins - be sure to focus on the wins, you will BOTH benefit from all the support you can get from where ever you find sources, explain to family & friends (and recognise they won’t truly ‘get it’ but they’ll have more idea of they have had chance to ask & listen, we the community are still here when needed

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I did wonder if the GP might send you to A&E. Hope you’re not waiting too long & they get to the bottom of everything for him. Good luck x

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I really have no wish to put the fear of god in you, or anyone else on here, but a TIA can lead up to a very major stroke in a matter of seconds! It’s an alarm and while you both dither over whether it is or isn’t, the next one could go bang while you’re sitting on the phone waiting to get through to a GP. He could be dead in that time, that’s how serious this is! You call the ambulance!
Your GP can do no more for him than the GP’s receptionist can in these circumstances…as he just proved by sending you off to A&E.

It really doesn’t matter if you only suspect, if you’re not sure he might have/be having, think he’s had, it does not matter, you call 999 and tell them he’s having/had a stroke! You don’t wait 'til morning to talk to gp’s or stroke teams or anyone else, you call an ambulance and get him to A&E…you do not pass Go, do not collect £200 :laughing:

That’s what my stroke consultant told me! A TIA is a Stroke
Another one could happen any time, any place, anywhere, you do not hesitate!

Just got back from A&E. Same as last time, they couldn’t find anything wrong other than a slightly droopy eye. He’s back in the TIA clinic tomorrow where I expect they’ll take more bloods and do an MRI. I can’t help thinking this is hormonal. It’s happened after stressful events on both occasions. There was however a small note about homocysteine levels slightly elevated last time but they weren’t concerned. I’m probably grasping at straws, I just wish they could pinpoint the problem.


I’m sorry @Loshy but that is what it is. It’s really not something to pussyfoot around with is it. And you sound just like my oldest sister :laughing: She would have frowned and told me for not being more delicate and diplomatic. But my doctor wasn’t to me either, and he is right! :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually it doesn’t matter where it goes in the post, it applies regardless, TIA’s are that serious!

@Worriedlilwifey hope they get to the bottom of whats going on & if nothing else they will have ruled out a serious cause.

Always better to be safe than sorry with these things.