Thanks Loshy, I hope we do too. :heart::two_hearts:

Hi EmaraldEyes,
I do appreciate your concern but we have been to a&e today and will be back at the TIA clinic tomorrow. I understand fully how serious TIAs are, not only have I read up on this but I used to work for the NHS. Getting your better half to accept he’s not well isn’t always easy, especially when being in denial is involved. He’s learned a valuable lesson.
Thanks again xx💕


I know it can’t be easy for you along with your own health conditions. I sorry for being the alarmist here, its just I’ve been through it so many times over the years now with various members of family, parents, in-laws. And the one thing I have learnt is not to listen when they are in denial. That’s when you need to take charge, be the parent to their childish ways. They are not, in my view, quite capable of thinking clearly or rationally enough for the good of their health. They just don’t want to go back into hospital, that’s all it’s about and that’s when you need to take the upper hand. He’s only making a heavier cross for you bear with that frame of mind.

I know you say your grasping at straws mentioning homocysteine levels, but hypothyroidism is a risk factor for strokes.

Whatever the route cause is, I sincerely hope and pray they find it for you both and wish you well…and good night’s sleep. :hugs: :people_hugging: :hugs: :people_hugging:

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MBH was seen yesterday in TIA clinic. No further tests were carried out other than physical strength. The clinical nurse actually said “we can’t help you any further” and appears to have discharged him straight away.
I asked if they could arrange for a Myasthenia Gravis test. For those who don’t know of the condition, it can present similarly to a stroke and I just wanted to be sure. Unexpectedly they’ve agreed and hopefully will let us know when he can have it done. If this turns out negative, I don’t know what else we can do other than arrange for him to see a GP, who will likely send him to a&e again.


@Worriedlilwifey i guess its good news they have ruled out a stroke / TIA. But not helpful when you don’t know whats going on.

Good they are going to do the extra test. Let’s hope it’s not too long a wait.

I would perhaps make a GP appointment anyway just to follow up on whats happened & see if there are any other tests he may need.

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