Intracerebral hemorrhage

Hi all

I’d really like to hear from anyone who has had a bleed due to high blood pressure as I have, rather than a clot or other type of stroke.

Although I appreciate how lucky I am not to have been left with many physical issues, I’m really struggling with anxiety and feelings of nausea and think it would help me to hear about recovery and experiences in the first few months on from a bleed.

Thank you

I had a bleed six years ago. I found the early months very hard, with constant home exercise and weekly physio. I was anxious, weak and with poor balance. I had a frame and wheelchair, but graduated o a stick. I built up my walking outside from absolutely nothing. Was encouraged not to use the stick indoors. Alas, recovery is quite slow. I still have issues but manage three exercise classes a week for the over 60s.

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Hi, I suffered a hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke in 2017 aged 57 which resulted in left sided paralysis. The stroke was caused by high blood pressure. I spent 5 months in hospital, the last 12 weeks were spent in a hospital rehab unit. I left hospital in a wheelchair then very slowly progressing to a quad stick and then a walking stick with the help of an fes machine or a AFO. Unfortunately I cannot use my left arm and hand and my husband is now my full-time carer. Isuffered all sort of anxiety which has improved over the past 5 years, although I still struggle at times when going somewhere I haven’t been before or when doing something new.
Having said that we are just preparing to travel to Spain, our third visit since my stroke 5 years ago.

With my husband’s help I have a daily exercise regime and have never stopped trying to restart my arm and hand and improve my walking.
Unfortunately there is no easy fix following a stroke. Good luck with your recovery and feel free to ask any questions or have a moan.

Regards Sue


@Susan_Jane and @John_Jeff_Maynard Thank you so much for your responses - you are both inspiring and I feel selfish when I compare my own physical issues to yours as they seem so minor, and I must focus on how lucky I have been.

@Susan_Jane so great you are shortly off to Spain, I hope you have have a fabulous time!

What I’m finding just awful is the nausea and lightheadedness that just won’t let up and is really stopping me being able to function. Did either of you experience this and if so, did you find anything to help?

I’m afraid I keep banging on about this, and I can imagine everyone is thinking “oh not her and her nausea again!” Sorry all :scream:

Hi, glad to help. I have never suffered from nausea thankfully. Might be worth speaking to your gp about this.

Never apologise for asking questions or having a moan, everyone on this forum is more than happy to help if they can.
Regards Sue

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I haven’t suffered nausea either, but every stroke is different. I still get post stroke fatigue and live with a clumsy left arm and hand. Hope it all improves soon.

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I suffered a ICH that developed into IVH and then hydrocephalus. I haven’t suffered from nausea but the fatigue is the biggest challenge. I get really spells that seem to last for days and no amount of rest seems to stop it.

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Hello @Jon23 Thanks for replying - how long ago did you have your stroke?

I had a stroke aged 32 triggered by a near-drowning which caused an increase in blood pressure and a CVA. I was in a coma for 3 weeks followed by 6 months in hospital. I left hospital in a wheelchair. I still need a wheelchair for distance and never recovered any movement in my left arm/hand. But:
I live on my own, drive, returned to work (part-time) 9 months post-stroke.
I have no experience of nausea. I would see your gp and get a review of your meds.

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Hello @DDMH. It was just over a year ago. I spent 3 weeks in Intensive care. One of the really strange things is the memories. I have a period of time where I have no memory of what happened and then a period where I know how I remember things isnt how it happened.

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Hi I have had a bleed on the brain caused by high blood pressure only 3 weeks ago. Lost all feeling down left hand side however in the last 3 weeks I have been released from hospital and am up walking considering for first week iwas bed bound and could not move. I think I’ve been really lucky if you can class any stroke as lucky.

I’m an emotional wreck at times but my wife and kids are inspiring and helping me deal with things.

My life has been turned upside down in the blink of an eye but there are so many worse than me and my heart is thinking of everyone.

Wanting my old life back but understand that is never going to happen but will work as hard as I can to get back what I can.

Love to everyone

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Hi @Colindlynch so good to hear of your fantastic progress we are indeed both very lucky. All the best for your continued recovery.

Do you mind me asking what meds you have been prescribed?


Just Statin and candessartan blood pressure tablets

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Thank you @Colindlynch - That’s one I’ve not heard of so far, but I’m learning them all gradually!

Any nausea or lightheadedness? Sorry I’m obsessed with finding out who experiences these symptoms either as a side effect of their meds, or just from the aftermath of the stroke.

You’ve really done well in just 3 weeks and should be pretty proud :+1:

Thanks really appreciated its been a bit of a slog but I’ve done everything the physio asked me to do and there is also a large slice of luck that the stroke did not cause anymore damage than it has. I’ve Been lightheaded since the stroke but no nausea.

My Taste has been effected and things taste different. But I also had covid diagnosed the day of my stroke so maybe that might be that.

Keep well :pray:

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I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 3 years ago now. About 3 months before I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and given tablets but not kept an eye on ie. Regular blood pressure testing as I’d never had it previously. I did have quite high anxiety for probably the first 2 years after the haemorrhage but seem to be able to control it better now. I didn’t have any feelings of nausea so hopefully your doctor will be able to sort that out for you.

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Hi Katy thank you so much for coming back to me. I am so pleased that you are feeling better. Mine was 100% blood pressure related. It makes me sad as it was probably avoidable which makes me feel gui lty my family are having to deal with this :frowning:

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My mum had what the drs called a very substantial brain bleed / large hemoragic stroke 10 months ago. She had high blood pressure and was on warfarin for her heart so her bleed progressed very quickly. She was in hospital for 3 months. Physically she thinks she’s very lucky, she has lost 1/4 of her sight in one of her eyes and been left with full body seizures that are now thankfully controlled with medication. Emotionally she is really struggling, anxiety and depression Is taking a toll, along with difficulty initiating tasks, she knows she’s thirsty but won’t drink unless you print her too(this is more obvious and present on bad fatigue days) thought processing and her personality has
Also changed a wee bit, her laugh is different, she comes out with phrases she had never used before stroke. Strokes really do affect everyone in different ways.

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Hello, I am new here and I am a 22year old stroke survivor, I had a bleed on my cerebellum and I get anxious and nauseous. But it gets better everyday and I do some vestibular exercises, it works. How do you feel now? Hope you feel better.

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Thank you so much@Loshy.