Intracerebral hemorrhage

People tell me how young I am, Thank you so much@Mahoney, my best wishes.


Hi @AdaBekkke
You’ll find this a good place to chat with fok whou actually ‘get it’ and it might be some respite for you from those folk including family & med staff who just don’t get it or understand viscerally .

The best I can advise I can give you at this stage is to read through the posts that others have contributed before you, the search box above is useful for identifying topics.

As long as you make effort you’ll make progress or though what progress and how fast will be singular to you. I hope you have a good support team around you. To some degree the folk in this forum will plug the gaps if you are ask .

Feel free to question, rant or release frustrations, share and of course celebrate successes. You should record successes no matter how small so that you can look back at them and remember how far you’ve come during your recovery journey. It’s likely that it’s measured in years or at least quarters. It only ever stops when you don’t make efforts to build capability

Sorry youve had to join but you’ve landed in a good place