In Limbo/Lost

I was working home alone at 4.30 when I had my stroke on 1 May, won’t go into details but I managed to dial 999, and crawl to the front door and open it, a neighbour then realised something wrong. The ambulance arrived 55 mins later, and I was blue lighted to Winchester, where I was seen and given the thrombolysis drug.
I was moved up to the ward and discharged on 3 May. On discharge they just noted left leg which already had a nerve issue.
However, I had severe skin allergic reaction to asprin, and spent the week at home fighting the full burning body rash, so much so that I didn’t take full stock.
Now my allergy is waning, I feel very fatigued and fussy headed, and have shoulder pains, and generally feel off kilter.
I know my outcome so far is great, and I seriously am not moaning, but just feel like it is “oh you had a stroke, here’s some tablets, you can go home” - in other words am I normal in feeling very lost at the moment?


@Dido14 Hi there. Just a quick “hello”. Just in recovery from my 11th TIA at least. Need to get to bed. I’ve been through the same but possibly not so bad as you, the first few times. Fatigue, is hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced post stroke fatigue. It’s not normal as most understand the word. All I can say it’s like all the air let out of your muscles. I also felt like I was in "isolation"the first couple of times. I was disoriented too as I had to readjust my life a little. Now I’m not confident in going out of doors in case I take another when on my own. Life improved as soon as I plucked up enough courage to come onto this forum.You’ll find plenty of caring sufferers of Stroke who will understand how you feel. Hope to see you again :slightly_smiling_face:. @IanM


@Dido14 @IanM

Its easy for me to say I know, but I’ve been there and now I’m here.
Yes, you are part of the gang now. You will get through this.

Be brave and try to laugh — it chases all the nasty stuff away.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


Just wanted to say high and welcome. This forum is brilliant and the stroke association too. Anne


@Dido14 pleased to hear your rash is subsiding. The fatigue & fuzzy head are a very norma part of having a stroke & a fair percentage of us get it. You are very early on in your recovery journey so plenty of rest is needed. In time those feelings should ease. It’s different for everyone but it was a good 9 months before mine started to settle a bit but for others it was earlier. In time you’ll learn to manage your fatigue & a lot of us find keeping a diary a good way of helping with that as we can look back & see what has triggered it & also see the progress we’ve made which we can’t always notice otherwise.

I also frkt like I was given some tablets & left to get on with it. I didnt really know what was normal after stroke & what wasn’t but in time I worked through it.

Just take 1 day at a time & listen to your body.

Best wishes



@Veggiepatch Hi🙂. Be in touch. @IanM

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