I’ve amazed myself

My button came off my trousers so in the day I’d hay taken 5 minutes to reattach it but now with some help it is back in place and I am a sewin gSS another one for the adaptation history books


You amaze me all the time - a true inspiration to keeping up recovery!!

K :polar_bear: :wink:


I try to carry on life as if the stroke never happened and I am a one armed one legged man.

It truly inspiring to see what people with my disability can do so why not me


Hi, Good for you :+1: As a one armed one legged woman, I totally get where you are coming from :rofl: :rofl:. Always so inspirational to hear of others achievements, big or small.

Keep up the good work :clap:

Regards Sue


Thanks , just learned something from a chap collecting some stuff I was selling on eBay.
His friend a keen motorcyclist had a spinal stroke and was unable to drive but in time the sight came back one morning after awaking it was back to normal.

Gives me hope over my eyes.
Small world

So many peopl know someone who has had a strok or recovered from a stroke.

Keep on plugging away at it time is your healer.
The brain is phenomenal at healing itself.

Have faith.


Hey Susan they could strap us together and enter us in the three legged race at our local schools this sports day.

From coming home needing a winch or wheel chair to this is bordering on phenomenal in my books quite chuffed.


:rofl::rofl: that’s so funny :+1:

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Well done @mrfrederickson another one for the progress list. Very chuffed for you. I think i’ll have to send all my clothes that need buttons sewing on your way :grin:


Well between you and the clothes repairing and car washing I’ll have no time to do paid employment.

What a shame