I miss people

i think i have figured out why my frustrations are so high ,all or most of my working life i have been in what on my CV is described as public facing jobs ,interacting with the general public while performing my duties or work role ,i was a Postman for over 21 years i left in 2014 after the privatisation ,the conditions were getting worse and i saw early on they were not going to get better (10 years later of the 30 people i worked with 5 are still there -it was a small office) i left and set up a convenience store like a little spar (but not spar) i was independent that lasted 2 years lots of loyal customers ,just not enough of them , so i shut the door on that and moved on to my next adventure , im proud to say that i paid all my local or small suppliers in full before i closed ,the big corporate enterprises were not so lucky ,so i looked at my skill set and decided , i can still deliver stuff and with such a long time at Royal Mail i could walk into any courier company i wanted , i decided to try a company that was contracted to Amazon ( all parcels under 15 kg) and since 2016 i was there i moved between companies and Depots but i was again out and about and i have covered most of Scotland from the Borders up to the Highlands ,i really enjoyed going to new places meeting people ,last summer i was temp working in Inverness for months , airbed and camping stove in van ,wash at the depot and ÂŁ190 a day then i had a stroke and it all ended ,my hardest month was December for the last 30 years its always been my busiest month ,to then go from that to nothing ,it was even worse i was living on ,universal credit , i had a little savings but that was for my daughters christmas presents ,im now looking for something to fill my time,all the charity shops and food banks are bursting with volunteers (idiots doing there 100 hrs community service mostly ) im needing a new purpose in life any suggestions


Yes, first help yourself ; sort out as much as you can
Then help others, offering advice or encouragement on the things you know best
By that time something will have cropped up & you will feel a bit more connected to the world

good luck, Roland


You could come to the Thursday cafe and chat about it then? Thus. from 1pm uk time on https://bit.ly/StrokeCafe

Are you still driving? Is your balance and dexterity and speech and eyesight all functioning correctly? They will all be determinants of what might be possible

Do you want something that keeps you on your feet or in the chair? Can you use a screen? Do you want something that helps other people or just keeps you busy? Does it have to be paid or pro bono? Do you want to work with animals? People? Technology? Etc etc

Or coming at it from another angle what would a good week look like? What would be the components of that week how does your current skill set match and what would you have to acquire?

Don’t know if any of these thoughts help - hopefully they do but if they don’t in what way were they off target or lacking and then the answer to that might be to suggest a new plan of attack to resolve your search



in my past i also had a computer repair shop ,when i started it it was in the days when a postman started at 5am and was done by 12;30 /1;00 pm ,my partner went in the morning ,she could do the basic stuff and i went in the afternoon for the more complicated jobs , it lasted 7/8 years by the time i stopped i wasnt finished till 3pm at the post office due to them moving start times back at royal mail getting later and later and having to work till 9pm soon got old ,anyway i thought of starting back again in a limited capacity but the hassle involved in dealing with people who want something for nothing isnt worth it and im not really up to date anymore and also i dont think i could fix laptops anymore as you need a steady hand for a soldering iron and better eyesight than i have these days
i did also sell stuff on ebay for people back in the day i had a consignment business on the side as well , you drop off your item to me , i list it with photos ,sell it ,pack it .post it for 20% of sale price after fees or an agreed fee -min ÂŁ10 fee- this stopped people bringing in tat (i sold a motorbike for 10k for a ÂŁ300 fee once)
im thinking of doing this again but for myself looking at charity shops and boot sales for stuff to re -sell ,just on a small scale for pocket money that should keep me busy


I don’t know what sort of thing you are particularly looking for but our local hospital uses a lot of volunteers maybe thatvis something worth considering…plenty of people interaction there.

Our local council also use volunteers to help elderly / vulnerable people & tgat might be an avenue for you too.

Just a couple of thoughts from me.

Good luck finding something.


Cruising auction houses to flip things? Up cycling?

Consider the laws of commerce: there’s no limit to what you can charge for what people love and don’t need and if they can’t live without it they resent it so want it for free

How about buying a lathe and making model steam trains? :grinning::steam_locomotive: Buying a cow and making cheese? A flower press and a wood pulper and making fine paper or just not trying to make any money and brewing beer or making wine for yourself!



Looking at the title of your post, and the prior jobs, I suspect you hope to meet with people face to face. And that getting paid is something you would also like… I like babysitting or companion care (mostly just sitting with disabled or elderly). Dog walking. Working in a retail shop, especially one you are interested in (pawn shop, antique market, farm market, grocery, gas station…), might be right up your alley if there is not heavy lifting while stocking. Flea market might be interesting. I hope you will come on Thursday to the zoom. Odd jobs to make a little cash is something another person and I have talked a bit about.


I do this for some extra pocket jangle. I go around to the local opportunity shops (There are six in a half mile radius to me), pick up weird and wonderful curiosities and clothing and sell on. It gets me out and about during the week, not only hunting for bargains but also going to the various drop-off points to post. It can be financially hazardous for me though, I often walk out with an armful of stuff that I want to restore or keep, but I guess the selling pays for that privilege too. I chat with all the shop staff too, so there is a good level of sociality to the whole venture.