I Lean to the Right Since My Strokes

Hello All,

I had strokes two years ago, following emergency surgery, while in a drug-induced coma, and probably related to sepsis. Doctors don’t know how many. I’m a 62 year old woman currently. I am very fortunate to have come out of the experience in a near “normal” state.

It was my right side that came back first, arm, hand, leg, toes. The left side returned too, but much more slowly. I had a brace in a left shoe for awhile.

While rehabilitating, in hospital and at home, I tended to lean to the right while sitting. I had to work consciously to sit up straight.

Now, I find that when I try to meditate, I will quickly begin leaning to the right. I have had to use a pillow to prop myself up.

Anyone here have a similar issue? How have you dealt with it? Have you been able to train yourself to not lean?

Thanks much!



@LisaCH hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but you’re very welcome.

Good to hear you are making good progress following your strokes. Sounds like it has been quite a journey for you.

I don’t know about your issue specifically but as with most things stroke it is about making yhat conscious effort not to do something which in time will hopefully become something that happens without rhinking about it. The best example I have is I have to consciously tell myself to weight bear on my left side. After 2 years it is still not a natural position for me.

I don’t know if that is any help but i’m sure others will be along later with more help.

Best wishes

Ann x

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Don’t forget that stroke also affects the back muscles. I spent most of my initial physiotherapy trying to sit in a vertical position As soon as I stopped thinking I slumped over.
One thing I have noticed now is that I always turn anticlockwise.


You might find useful information in Balance problems after stroke | Stroke Association.

There’s loads of videos on YouTube returned when you search for “pusher syndrome”. I couldn’t see any by my favourite two therapists there so don’t have anything specific to recommend. it would be worth exploring.

I can say categorically from searching this forum it’s not mentioned previously - which doesn’t mean nobody’s experienced it they haven’t posted about it though. And it comes up if you search Google where you probably need to add “pusher syndrome stroke” so that you don’t get stuff about drug pushers :-)!

My own physiotherapist stood me in the middle of a doorway and said it leaned to your left against the door frame then stand back up right and do the same to my right - which is my affected side - and it seemed an awful lot further leaning over to my right than my left. That sensation has reduced and I have to go and try in a minute to see if it’s gone away completely :-)!

I would at this point normally give you some universal advice but apparently admin object to me giving it so I’ll leave it to somebody else.



Hi and welcome to our forum. I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke 6 years ago which paralysed my left side. I still find my self leaning to my right side despite constantly trying to remind myself to shift my weight onto my left. It very frustrating but seems to be a common problem.

Sorry I can’t suggest something more helpful. Look forward to hearing from you as your recovery continues.

Regards Sue

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I’m 2yrs post stroke and I still have a tendency to lean to my right stroke side. I tend to notice it most when I’m at the gym, particularly with resistance training on legs day. My right arm and 2 fingers on that hand also want to engage, the heavier the weight the more my hand, arm and shoulder try to join. Even the muscles on the right side of my waist want to contract. So it is a battle of wills to them neutral while I just work on my legs :sweat_smile:

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Thank you, Ann, both for the welcome and for responding. That makes good sense.
If I am focused on sitting up, though, I’m not sure how I’ll meditate. It seems to be when I get into the right mind for meditating that I am pulled out of it by the sudden sensation that I am falling to the right.

In fact, I sit on the couch to ensure I don’t end up on the floor. I guess I could sit at the other end, with the arm to my right, but I’m not sure how far I might fall. I don’t know if I would go over the side or not!

Again, I appreciate your response.


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Thanks, Simon. I have glanced at both the balance article and pusher syndrome. but I need to finish reading both.

The odd thing is, from what I have read so far, I couldn’t move either side of my body at first, but it was my left side that took so much longer to heal. On the other hand, it’s my right I keep leaning to. I will have to read more to try to find out what the reason might be for that.


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Many thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Greatly appreciated. I have read them all and am looking at the links today…best to all!


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I can see that might be prpblem. Never thought of it like that.

What about if you sat by a wall? I don’t know if that’s a possibility for you. It might be that you have to sort your balance issues first then you can meditate without risk of falling.


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