Husband home after a stroke

My husband had a stroke at age 47 , due to his high blood pressure. Is been since January 26 2024 and after 2 rehabilitation centers, he is now at home doing outpatient rehabilitation. We have been really blessed with his fast recovery , still struggling with his right arm trying to get it going , his speech is more cleared but still struggling with remembering some things and still gets really tired . I cried my self to asleep a lot of times because I am scared that this happens again , sometimes I wonder if coming home was the right choice but I am really new at this never been to this please help me in what to expect the next years and if am doing the right thing for him .



I had a stroke about two years ago.

You will find others here, like me, who have been through all this. We believe that supporting one another is a way forward.

It truly is a dreadful experience for all affected directly or indirectly by the stroke.

On this forum we will listen, offer sympathy and suggest from our experience what actions you might take.

Apart from the fear that more or worse might happen there is a horrible feeling of isolation. Be assured you are not alone. This forum is one of a number of ways of meeting up with those in a similar situation. The stroke association can point you towards getting involved with others who can share their experience and encourage you to move forward.

I hope you will make good use of this forum it can be a great light in the darkness.

You do have a future.
Take care of both you and yours, you need one another now, more than ever.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:

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Hello @ire2067
Welcome to the forum although sorry you have had reason to join.
I expect others will be along to say welcome soon and they are likely to say it’s very early days yet. It is :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear your husband has been recovering well already. Recovery follows effort made so the more he tries to use things the more they will recover - it’s less about huge effort in a short time and more about continuous effort at a daily living level.

Do watch out for the three steps forward one step backward pattern that is common for many of us. If he is at 2 months then the sorts of things that can demoralise you may be in the next few months and they should not be seen as more than a pause in the progress being made.

There is a wealth of information here on every aspect if you search for it so the magnifying glass above is your friend :slight_smile:


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Hello Ire,

As long as his BP meds have been tweaked and are working well (that’s no simple task) he should be good to go. Check his BP often enough to be confident it’s behaving. Good luck,

ciao, Roland


Hi @ire2067 welcome to the club no one wants to join :wink:
But now that you are here you will get a chance to calm down and take a breather reading through the many inspirational posts here. Another stroke is everyone’s greatest fear post stroke and life has no guarantees, but that fear will diminish in time as you both settle into a routine and this new way of life.

Your hubby will be on all to correct medication to help lower the risk of another stroke now and it sounds like he’s doing well in his rehabilitation. Home is actually the best place for anyone recovering from stroke as they are surrounded by all things and way of life that’s familiar to them. Those familiarities are valuable spring boards to the senses which are just what the brain needs to relearn. And hospitals can over stimulate the brain, particularly with the lack of sleep patients get at night there.

I’m 62 and 3yrs post stroke and back driving, do various exercise classes during the week, gardening and all
the household chores I used to do. I’ve still have some minor issues such as mild aphasia, but they are all nothing I can’t live with. Hopefully it will be similar for your husband. Time will tell, this road to recovery is a marathon not a sprint; rest when it’s needed and keep up with the rehab exercises, he’ll gradually introduce some of his own and keep on moving onwards and upwards. And I wish you both well on this new journey of rediscovery :people_hugging:

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@ire2067 hi & welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of your husbands stroke but pleased to hear he is progressing well.

Stroke not only affects the individual who had the stroke but all those around them too. It is perfectly natural to be worried about it happening again, i think most of us do, but try & be reassured that he’ll be on the right medication to lower the risk. Check his BP regularly but don’t overcheck and speak to his GP if you think it is becoming raised again or not reducing aa it should.

Most GP surgeries offer support to carers too so ask them what support they can offer you.

Best wishes to you both.


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back to the technics and internet, we are now living in derbyshire

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Hope the move went ok & that you are settling in ok in your new home x

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Oh Derbyshire and the peak District can be lovely :slight_smile:

Not sure what back to the technics and internet means - do you mean that you’ve got internet now?

I hope you settle in well and that you have good new neighbours etc

Ciao :slight_smile:

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yes its fibre broard band here

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We moved on the day of my third stroke 12 wks ago too
Time helps. Get his bp sorted and any cholesterol or sugar issues and he should be ok. Check your current meds don’t clash with clopedogel. I’m 59 so feel sad this has happened prematurely too. Very shocked. He’ll need time to adjust. But the future is brighter

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