How to find private physios

I’m hoping that I’ll be moving back home in the next couple of weeks.

I want to find a physio though who could come round ice or twice a week to make sure I keep developing physically.

Is there a central website or organisation that I can use to find someone?



You will likely get a few weeks with an NHS physio and an occupational therapist too when you leave hospital. They might have some relevant advice. You could ask now in hospital what the arrangements will be on your discharge.
There are also others on this forum who will advise.
Feel free to ask your questions, it is the way to get answers.

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Are you going home ftom hospital? When i was discharged I got 6 weeks of home physio from an early supported discharge team.

I don’t have details of any private physios but hopefully the hospital can give you some info. If not try the Stroke Association helpline as they might hold a list.

Hope your going home goes smoothly.



Hi, after my discharge from hospital and my 7 weeks nhs physio, I goggled “Neuro Physiotherapist near me” and luckily found an amazing Physiotherapist who I worked with privately for 2 years until she moved away from the area.

I have recently started having private neuro physiotherapy again and have found a lovely place near me (Kent).

Good luck with your search and I wish you well for your discharge from hospital.
Regards Sue

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Have a look at ARNI. You’ll need to give them a call to find out if there’s omeone near you. If there’s not there’s always their exercise DVD and books which will both givr you exercises to do.