How is Everyone Tonight?!

Hello Everyone!

It’s still Saturday for a bit and for us in the UK we get a lie in tomo!!

So I’m just wondering what everyone is up to?!?

I know quite a few of my friends have been struggling over the past few days / weeks / months and I hope everyone is ok!!

I have also been struggling but hope I’m getting back on track @Moonie66

I’m recovering from darts and rugby watching - too much screen time - and now listening to music and trying to chill.

Currently on a country theme and islands in the stream with kenny and dolly - golden.

Hope you’re all good and please share your fav music or whatever and if not just have a good night / day / whatever for our outside our beautiful United Kingdom friends and family.


:polar_bear: :wink: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :polar_bear: :polar_bear: :wink:


19th November Jimmy’s farm GRRRRRR :polar_bear: :wink: :polar_bear: :wink: :two_hearts:


It was yet another quiet night in for me. Watching Strictly Come Dancing on TV and then reading my book. Saturday nights aren’t usually very exciting any more, pretty much the same as other nights as it’s when I’m at my most fatigued. I did manage a good walk during the day though which I enjoyed.




Ohhhh… Tonight’s my night for weight lifting on the canal. mustn’t be late…


Hi, everyone, hope you are all well. Really not looking forward to the long winter months !! .
Today I’m just recovering from a hectic day yesterday, we were celebrating our granddaughter’s 6th birthday, She had a very lively party for 40 school friends and family and family back at our Son’s house after, while she opened a massive pile of presents. We went out this morning for breakfast at a local Riverside cafe. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain so couldn’t sit outside but it was lovely.

Looking forward to watching “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”. Good Winter TV.

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone whatever you are doing.

Regards Sue


Saturday night for me waa watching the rugby final. Then 10 o’clock is time for bed for me. Fatigue management :sleeping::sleeping:

Today is sunny here so spent some time outside this morning. Shattered now so resting up for rest of the day as Monday brings work.

@Susan_Jane happy birthday to your grandaughter. Hope she enjoyed her day.

Have a great Sunday everyone xx


Watched Jackie Brown ; it’s a very long film, but Tarantino at his best, I think


You got me all excited for a moment there, thought it was starting tonight or something…until my daughter checked for me :laughing:


You know what it’s very good but - I like from dusk till dawn !!

K :wink: :polar_bear:

Ahhh… A nice, homely movie.

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Current favourite film? ‘The Gentlemen’. Always gives me a chuckle.
Never been much of a Hugh Grant fan, but he deserved an award for playing a role that is so alien to his usual ‘rom-com’ stuff.


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BBC disability podcast before bed. Not bad this week.

But - not on iplayer as far as I can see so am listening on laptop wit a bit of moby very quiet in the background - our song @DeAnn a perfect life innit (and I know you don’t get that ‘innit’ properly my American Girl)

The bears send their love to everyone but There is a small drama but that’s for tomo…


I’ll hopefully be in bed in an hour to get a bit before my psychologist comes round at 11…

Probably need it tomo :rofl:

Keep cool everyone. :polar_bear: :wink:

Sleep tight from my bears xx

And just for you @Bobbi


last week is also good


…and that’s exactly what this last year has been all about, Jonathan. The full ‘harvest’ moon is over, now it’s waning gibbous, and I did see it last night; so whether from this side or your side of the pond, it would have been the same moon.

glad you’ve made improvements, ciao, Roland


Depends if I’m in possession of my driving license or not, otherwise I’m happy to collect you being only about 60 miles south of Heathrow airport. But you concentrate on getting to that point and make sure you CAN travel again.
We’re rooting for you (no matter which team we support).


I’ll leave @KGB to explain his name :smile:

Even when you are not in good spirits it’s good to come on here and chat. We all do our best to lift one another up when we are down. It may not always work but sometimes it does stop you from going too deep into the abyss. There’s a lot worse out there, we’ve got it easy compared to some. There’s no place for wars here :wink:


Count me in. I will fly over with you! I am 59, strokes 2 years ago as well. I have been chatty ever since I started speaking again.


One step at a time. No rush, no hurry. Your pace.
C’mon in, the water’s lovely.



I loved reading your post. We’re all friends on here, and the support the forum gives is so helpful.

A flight to the UK may be too much at the moment but you’ll do it when you’re ready and I find it’s good to have goals. I live in the north of England and there’s no way I’d have the confidence to travel to London at the moment, it’s nearly 200 miles away, but I will visit our capital city again one day. An hour from home is far enough for me and my anxiety at the moment!





Jonathan - Hello!

KGB is simply my initials I am afraid!

Kieran G Bennett

My ex monther in law did use to call me ‘The Russian’ though because obviously the connection!

I like the dog nick names!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I think you can separate me from the Russian Secret Service though :rofl: :rofl:

Good days and bad but I’ll listen to a rant anytime you want!! I do it enough!

Errrmmmmmmm West Ham or as @j.p.mac would say Aston Villa or as @EssexPhil would say Colchester etc!!

I can’t drive as I am partially sighted but I will show you around and you can stay with me!!

K :polar_bear: :wink: