hey all first time posting on here .

I had my stroke on the 14th Jan , currently on holiday had a really bad evening . I just wanted to vent and ask advice was in the club house after a game of bingo which I won the full house so went to collect my winnings I showed my stroke card as I struggle with my speech because of my stroke and was totally ignored like I wasn’t even there , I continued to try and tell the worker just because I have had a stroke doesn’t meant I’m invisible and I’m a human being just like anyone else here and disserves the same respect as any other person on the holiday park .

I have ever felt so little and small in all my life and upset to the point I left the venue due to not wanting to show people how upset I was …

My question to you all how do you cope with this if anyone has been in my suituation

thanks helen


Hello Helen @Helenl69
Welcome to the forum although sorry you have had a reason to join in the stroke and then reason to post due this disgraceful behaviour by the staff of your holiday park.

Your emotional / mental well-being is just as important as physical and it surely contributing reason for a holiday - so I would immediately go to the customer service desk and lodge a formal complaint at both the insensitivity to special needs and the discourtesy That would be unacceptable even in normal circumstances.

If you do not get immediate recognition of the problem then I would ask for the name of the managing director, and the customer services director and their email addresses or phone numbers.

The individual concerned may of course have been having a very bad day themselves but that would still require them to be able to meet minimum standards set by their management for customer excellence.

On a more personal note I suggest you cultivate being able to discount ignorant behaviour by the people you chance upon in life as their shortcoming not yours and thus be upset for a moment but not let it affect you. If you have a communication difficulty card should have been enough but you might also invest in a hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard about three quid on eBay

I’m sorry that you’ve ran into someone with a specific role to care for people who didn’t even manage normal courteous behaviour - maybe karma is waiting for them…


Yes, Helen,

I have been in your situation, though my voice is stronger now, so I have been known to be a bit cheeky, or shout. It’s hard to step down, but it’s for our own good. When we get cross at others, it’s only ourselves who are being harmed, since no one asked us for an opinion, and so our presence diminishes… unless we put up a fuss, but again, is it worth it?

I say respect and protect yourself. Yes, others should too, but you can’t make them. Just remember to do no harm to yourself, and to keep calm. You have won everyone’s respect here… we know exactly what you felt. We are little and small, each and every one of us, and the worker you mention is no different. His / her turn will come; and the playing field levelled… one day.

Meanwhile, I wish you many more wins, and happy moments,
ciao, Roland

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Hi @Helenl69 & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke & even sorrier that you encountered that sort of behaviour. I agree with Simon about complaining as it’s really not acceptable to be ignored. You need to tell them how it made you feel and I’d ask for an apology too.

As difficult as it is try not to let it upset you or let it ruin your holiday.

Sending my best wishes.


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