Hi everyone what do you all think about going on holiday after stroke? I have a trip to Greece booked which would be 2 months after my stroke so even if the consultant says I can go I’m a bit nervous about healthcare when I’m there if anything happens. Is it silly to do something like this so soon? I am progressing well with mobility but it’s more the worry of healthcare if something goes wrong, but will this ever change?!

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I can be daring…just not that daring :grimacing: Hope you enjoy yourself, been a good few years since I was in Greece, fascinating place :smile:

@Seerahjane i would check with your GP /consultant & you might also want to check with your airline. Some say 3 months after stroke before they’ll let you fly.

If they all say its ok then i would go & enjoy it. I flew 6 months after my stroke with no issues. Just take a good insurance policy out.

Hope you do get to go xx

I think you probably need to factor in taking things at a very relaxed pace, say sitting in the shade with a cool drink enjoying a light-hearted conversation. A friend, partner, waiter, can make easy chatter at times.
I imagine sight-seeing, shopping, excursions might be a bit wearing.
I hope you have a good time. :grinning:

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