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Hello everyone woke up this morning and realise after having tia yesterday how should I write my last wishes if I lost my speech any advice would be helpful gillian

Morning @Gillian_21 sorry to hear you had a tia yesterday. Hope you’re doing OK today.

Expressing your wishes to your next of kin is a good place to start but you can do living wills too. Advice from a solicitor is probably best.

Best wishes

I would write them down and give copies to relatives. Some years ago I wrote my will and funeral instructions.

@John_Jeff_Maynard I have done the same too. Think it’s important if you have express wishes or complicated family.

Sorry to hear you had a TIA yesterday, I don’t really have any advice on wills but I think you can assign an executor (might be family member or friend) and, afterwards, they become probate. In the old days, grids were made with each item and each beneficiary’s name next to the item. Hope you are doing okay today.