Holiday Insurance

Seeking affordable and the best holiday insurance for you after a stroke isn't always that easy! Does anyone have any tips on how they make sure they get the best holiday insurance for them?

i now go on hoilday with saga as the insurance with the holiday is good and they dont ask to many questions and also cover most other medical conditions i have just been to australia and new zealand with them also egypt the reps are there for you not for selling trips used to do my own trips to place like venezuela puerto vallarta  i now think what would happen if i broken a leg no one speaks english in venezuela  another good insurance is staysure and insure and go but after 12 months hope this helps bob 

Wow, sounds like you're a keen traveller Bob - hope you enjoyed your recent holiday!

A good insurance, who the Stroke Association works alongside is All Clear - 0808 168 8733 or visit their website -

Vicki :) 

We're planning to drive to Italy (towing a caravan) in a few weeks' time, we hope to use Red Pennant, which is the Caravan Club travel insurance.  It will be interesting to see the effect of the stroke on the insurance premium!!  My husband had several pre-existing medical conditions, and they've always given us insurance previously, however, stroke is a new addition to the risk factors and we shall have to see how that is reflected in the price.  Watch this space, I'll report back soon!!