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Even with All-Clear, the cost of holiday insurance cover to Spain is prohibitive so it looks as if it will have to be the UK, unless somebody has found a cheaper company please. What about holiday insurance cover in the UK? All recommendations gratefully received. As soon as I enter stroke lots of noughts start appearing in the cost!


There are lots of recommendations of insurance companies who talked about as being quite reasonable

If you use the magnifying glass above and search for insurance you will turn-up the previous conversations …which at a guess will give you more information when you’ll get as replies to this post

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I got All-Clear for my wife and I to Europe for a year £300 ; I’m 59 and had stroke 1.5 years ago. Was your quote completely different?

good luck, Roland

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Try avanti I got insured after 6 months

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Very definitely and either it’s a ‘no cover’ or nearly £1K for a one trip holiday. Hubby is now 81, which bumps up the premium too. He had an ICD fitted in 2007, but had his first stroke in November 2020 after having his hip replacement op in the October op which had been cancelled for 8 months due to covid. He then had a stroke in December 2022 following a post-op blockage at the end of a stent in his carotid artery whilst in Addenbrookes, and then another 10 days later. Mind you, I’m not so sure that I really want to be out-of-reach of the NHS let alone the UK now!


Hi, we have travelled abroad on several occasions since my stroke 7years ago and have always used a travel insurance comparison website. By doing this you can specify exactly the cover you require and how much you are prepared to pay.

We have always managed to find a good deal. Good luck with your search.

Regards s

Try medical travel compared.

I’ve been looking for quotes too and i had one companynsay theynwont cover me anothwr quote me £1500 for Spain but medical travel compared came in nearer £200.

Lucky you as the cheapest for both of us with them for a 10 day trip to Spain is £900!

Paying too much is another comparison site. You might find ringing a few companies will help as they may be able to reduce cost based on specific circumstances whereas online they ask very generic questions.

Not cost effective for a 10 day holiday TBH

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