Holiday insurace

Anyone know which holiday insurance is best thinking of going on a mini break in UK October will need insurance in case I have a tia any suggestions much appreciated everyone

Have you checked your bank? With some of them you can get holiday insurance. As long as you declare your condition a lot of companies will insure you, but may stipulate that you can’t had a recent stroke.

Thanks didn’t think about the bank if I remember correctly I tried getting life insurance before I had a tia and that was declined.

@Gillian_21 I use LV but there is also a company called medical travel compared who are recommended by the different strokes charity. I’ve never used them but worth a look maybe?

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Hi @Gillian_21 - are you thinking you need insurance in case you have to cancel? If so, there might be other ways of insuring your travel, eg. only booking cancellable accommodation and flights/trains/coaches.