Hi all.
I hope things are on the up for you and better now that we can get out for some fresh air.
I’m asking about holidays and flying.Before I had 2 strokes in October 2019 I generally had a spring break away and an end of season break.
Now that we have more freedom with covid i am getting the urge to go away again but some fear is holding me back.
I was one of the lucky one’s who had mainly some vision and speech affected so I can get about easy enough on my own,drive and do most things as normal.
Has anyone here flown or been away since they had a stroke? Did you have fears about it? I would add that I would be on my own for the entire holiday.

Thanks for reading and take care everyone.

Hi Loshy,thankyou for your reply.
I normally only go to Europe and I was planning to go to Tossa de Mar in Spain so just over a 2 hour flight.
I’ve not actually spoken to my own GP as yet but having done a lote of reading on the net it seem’s that it’s fine to fly after so many weeks.My GP did give me the ok to drive 250 miles to see my daughter just have a break if you get tired.
I done a mock insurance to see how much it had changed and to be honest I hardly noticed a change I think it was approx £15 more than my last flight.
I do suffer from fatigue but im ok on the go but once I stop in the evenings it’s like someone unpluggs me.
I do hope that your husband takes you away, it’s a shame to think life must stop because of this.

Take care,Andy :slight_smile:

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Hi @wicko - I had my stroke in August 2018 and was due to go to South Africa in the September. Obviously that didn’t happen. In September 2019 I felt able to travel again and we had a trip to Spain.
I don’t mind admitting that I was terrified of flying again, I think it was a fear of having another stroke rather than the travel. It worked out fine and was very uneventful. The only hitch was the very lengthy trek through the airport on return, which was quite challenging. We’re having another trip to Spain next week and I’m looking forward to it.
The big thing for me is that we’ve rebooked our South Africa holiday for this September and I do have some nervousness about it as it’s such a long flight. Booking it was a case of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’! I’m determined to do it to show the stroke that it hasn’t stopped me. That might sound a bit odd but it’s how I feel about it, I’m sure other stroke survivors will understand.
Insurance is a whole other story. We now have an annual (joint) policy via Staysure that was fairly expensive but obviously necessary. Staysure was my insurer in 2018 and they paid out after my stroke, no quibbles at all.
I’d say go for it. Holidays (whether in the UK or further afield) are important and it’s good that we’ve reached the stage with Covid that we can travel abroad again. We’re also lucky that we’ve recovered sufficiently to be able to have a holiday.
Best wishes

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Hi, I’m 5 years post stroke following a hemorrhagic stroke which paralysed my left side. I have travelled abroad twice since my stroke in Feb 2017. At first my main concern was that I would be unwell whilst abroad but those fears have faded and we are planning to take our 3rd trip in June. I must say that the Special Assistance service offered at the airports has been first class. I travel using a small mobility scooter and it has been a godsend. Fortunately I do not suffer from fatigue and just try not to overdo things and rest if I need too.
Our holiday is obviously different from our holidays before the stroke and I found this quite upsetting at first but I have found it gets easier every time we go away.

I went on a comparison website to sort out insurance and was pleasantly surprised at the cost.

Good luck with your travels.
Regards Sue

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Hi JSCAPM,thanks for your reply.
Glad to see your out and about again!I would probably feel more confident if I was with someone but I would be on my own.
Your brave doing the South Africa trip enjoy every moment of it and your trip to Spain.
I have had a holiday in the UK but it’s not the same and not to mention the prices!
Take care :slight_smile:

Hi Susan_Jane.

Great to see that you are carrying on with holiday’s as best you can.I’m very happy for you.
I think what I need is a holiday companion as my biggest fear is as I will be on my own something will go wrong.
Yes I found insurance not as bad as expected.
Take care :slight_smile:

Hi Mahoney.
Thanks for your reply.I really hope that i can overcome this worry that’s holding me back.
I had a break in the UK and I should be grateful that I’m able to still go but staying home just feels like something’s missing.
I hope you get to go away,take care :slight_smile:

@wicko sorry to hear about your strokes but pleased to hear that you are considering a holiday. I posted on this site a couple of weeks ago ref holidays and fatigue and had a few helpful replies. I had a holiday booked for this May before I had my stroke. I am concerned about flying but also about how the fatigue is going to affect me. I’m worried that the journey will fatigue me so ,I hope I can’t enjoy my time away. Having said that I am going to go away; especially as this is for my 50th birthday. Following some advice on this site I have booked a hotel for the night before my flight and plan to do less strenuous activities when I am away. I am also going to look into assistance at the airport as am concerned about the long walk to the departure gates and possibly being stuck in long queues at security. I have been advised to make sure I move about on the flight (I am going to Majorca so only a couple of hours too) and do some foot/leg exercises when sat. I already had my insurance sorted before my stroke & they didn’t want to know about my medical changes so it didn’t affect my premium. I did do some research though (out of nosiness really) and found that my stroke didn’t alter premiums massively. I know you are travelling on your own which adds a different dimension but maybe get yourself an invisible disabilities lanyard so people can see what your disability is should you get into difficulty. I am hoping that once I get to Majorca that all the worry I’ve had will be worth it. Enjoy your holiday. Hopefully it’ll be far better than you imagine it will be.

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Hi Mrs5k.
I admire your determination about going away and wish you a super 50th holiday :balloon:
I’m pretty sure the flying is the part that is worrying me the most,I’m not the best at flying and now to add more to the worry :thinking:
The fatigue generally affects me when I stop and I know on holiday i am always on the go which really wont help.
Good luck to you and I hope you really enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

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Hi Wicko.
It’s good that you’re thinking about holidays again. I had my stroke nearly 8 years ago and, like you, I was extremely nervous about flying again. It was about 4 years before I boarded a plane again, but I needn’t have worried. I couldn’t walk very well, but got special assistance through the airport (at both ends) which made everything possible. I couldn’t do much physically for the first couple of holidays, but as my strength improved I ventured further afield. I have done a few long haul flights now and jet lag affects me a lot more badly than it did before, but I have perfected the art of the 15 minute power nap (anywhere, even in car parks!).
Insurance is important if travelling anywhere and all policies are different. Make sure the insurers are aware of your stroke and make sure it is noted on the policy document as a pre-existing condition.
Don’t refuse any offers of help.
If flying long haul, consider an upgrade, so you have a bit more room to relax (for me it’s a few extra quid well spent).
Most of all - enjoy the break. It will do you a world of good.

Hi MinnieB.
Thanks for your reply.Physically I am able to get about on my own and my fatigue catches me up gets me late in the day.
I would be going on my own and although I’ve done this plenty of times this feels is different as it’s the first time since my stroke and it feels like there is a barrier up.
I admire your confidents in getting back to some sort of normal life.
Thanks for your advice,take care,Andy.