Holiday destinations for limited mobility

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for holiday destinations for me and my father. He has right sided weakness and we will use a fold up wheelchair when we are away so he won't get too tired and can enjoy the sights.

We're hoping for a long weekend city break in Europe late summer.

Open to any locations really, just somewhere without cobblestones, and that is disabled friendly (eg ramps to restaurants with toilets on the ground floor).

All suggestions welcome! Thanks, Catherine

hi have you been onto the lonely planet accessible travel online resources  web site it is very good and there is free downloads with ideals for places to go and what to do it tells you country by country and list a wealth of experience of travelling with a disability most travel operators ie thomas cook thomson shearing some coachs have lifts for wheelchairs .have offices that help with people with disability but you do need to ask most hotels do now have rooms for wheelchairs but always get it in writing with the name of the person you spoke to hope you have a great time   please let me no how you get on as i give talks on this subject to other stroke survivors

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for replying and pointing me in the direction of the Lonely Planet guide. I've also found some really inspiring blogs.

We've decided to go to Nice, so we can have a beach day (if we can access it!) and a city day, and it's a short flight. We went to Menorca last year which was perfect for a beach holiday and they have excellent beach wheelchairs you can borrow, and were really friendly. We've also been to Hamburg which was good. We went to Avignon and surrounding areas one year, which was very difficult and not disabled friendly at all. Malta was another place we tried, and it was a total mixed bag- some areas were great, some not, and the people were not as patient in our experience.

We look more and more at airbnb as you can choose accessiblity features now which is just brilliant!

In the UK, our favourite places are York and Stratford upon Avon- lots to do, but nice small places.


If you have any other ideas i'd love to hear them, and i'll report back after Nice!

Hi everyone, I strugle with my speech and am going to France soon. Has anyone been there? Do you know if they will be patient? I need them to talk slowly to me, or gesture. I'm quite nervuos, but also looking forward to my holiday. Thanks Paul. 

Hi Paul

I am unsure about this, but hoping someone can point you in the right direction, or offer some advice for you.

I'm sure they will be patient with you, and if they're not then please don't let it spoil your holiday. Some people carry a card round with them explaining they have had a stroke, there is one the Stroke Association provide, which can be posted out to you if you call the helpline on 0303 3033 100 or email or you could write your own (or ask someone to write it for you if your writing has been affected as well), you could even try and write it in French?

Let me know if you'd like any further support.

I hope you have a lovely holiday - it sounds like it is well deserved!

Take care