Hello everybody Norma here

I have been struggling but thanks to Lilian helping me I have managed to find it. Hope you are all alright I have so missed reading all your helpful messages. Are you all ready for christmas, I have sent all my cards so far, Norma.


Hi Norma, good to read your post. All my cards and gifts are mostly sent. Going away, Covid willing, but in case that falls through there’s a chicken in the freezer. Worked out all my medications would run out Dec 21 so got my prescription in early. Oh the joys of being both old and post stroke. Ho Ho Ho!

I must have been the last person to sort it all out but at least I can send messages now. Thanks for replying. Norma.

Nice to hear from you Jane I have been missing all of you I used to spent a lot of time on the forum. The post is expensive nowdays but its nice to receive the cards so it is worth it . Happy and healthy christmas to you. Norma.

Thanks for replying Jeff. If you do go away I hope you enjoy yourself. y family all live a distance away we will be spending christmas on our own. The way this virus is going we have all got to be careful where we go. Norma.

Hello Norma, good to see you on . Quiet Xmas here , hope to see children & grand kids. I do feel bad saying, grandad doesn’t do hugs any more, am I the only one being ridiculously over cautious ? Not yet started Xmas stolen , prefer to Xmas cake . Now Disabled, need to be careful on what I eat , used to builder, always phisicly moving & busy , weight not a problem. Nice to spoil oneself though. Good talking David.

Hi Norma so glad you have made it. It is good to be able to reach others now. Looking forward to Christmas? I am quite organised this year.Lilian

Well you have cheered me up lots.
I can’t fathom out the new forum. Yet I am classified as the number one contributor. I wish I could use that status to get back the friendly company.

So nice that you found your way here.

I got the lights on my Christmas tree. Sooty doesn’t try to eat them. He has been extra nice lately. He comes on to my lap and puts his paws on my shoulders. So warm. So peaceful.

Best washes

Hello @Norma_Jean_K, glad you are getting the hang of it. I only have three cards to send, so am biding my time.

Its taken long enough for me to sort it out I think I must be thick Thanks Rups Noma

You’re not thick, I think everyone has found adjusting to the new format a challenge. It’s just good you’ve made some headway.

Thanks Rups I still prefer it how it was before but I am coping with it now. Hope you are well. Norma.

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Hi Norma thought it was just me , never been the brightest of sparks but was so frustrating finding site sometimes then nothing. Then wondering if your’ll be able to find it again. I’m sure all will be sorted out . Keep your pecker up as they say hereabouts. Pds

Hi Norma, since my last visit I couldn’t remember how to get back onto the site;-)
I’ve been going around Stroke .org until I finally had an email with your message and the site name! What luck! Take care everyone, John aka Bert

Thanks for your reply I am still learning the trouble is I give up to easy. Best wishes Norma.

Glad you are sorted Bert Im getting better still not there completely though. Normqa.

Hi Norma, we just have to remain positive and strong - glad to hear you are getting better! Take care, John

I have got some head exercises I do three times a day for inner ear problems and it is slowly helping with my head dizzieness problems. Hope you are well John thanks for your message. Norma.

That’s good to hear Norma, my experience of stroke is quite a bit different to other people on the site as I had a serious car crash in 1977 and was thrown through the windscreen and nearly died as my head smashed through the windscreen. My head was like a rugby ball on one side and I had that many stitches in my head, people were visibly shocked when I got on a bus - they would move seats to avoid me sitting by them. I was 19yrs at the time. I forgot lots of things when I went back to work and for the last 40 odd years never understood why I did certain things until I had a scan in 2017 and they told me I’d had a major stroke and a minor one, but if you saw me you wouldn’t think I had anything wrong (unless I arranged to meet you and never turned up!) It’s been a long haul but we all have to fight it and stay positive, exactly like you are doing Norma. Take care, John

that sounds awful John you must be very brave to have got over that horrific accident. My stroke in 2017 affected my head and double vision I have suffered with my head for three years before they finally foubd it is my inner ear. It could have been dealt with a long time ago and I neednt have suffered for so long. I hope that I will be back to normal after doing these head exercises. Thanks for your interest. Norma.