Heart Failure

I had a stroke almost 4 years ago, anyway just before the pandemic. I had good support from everyone and made what was considered to be a good recovery. I have recently been diagnosed with heart failure and wondered if anyone reading this has similar problems? I am 78. I had a pacemaker fitted 18months ago and recent check ups report that its not doing its job and the consultant has put me on the list for another wire or something similar to be added at some future as yet unknown date.
Whereas i worked hard to overcome my stroke issues and always believed i would overcome them, this diagnoses has left me devastated.


Joyce–HI–Jeanne here. I’m 78, too. I don’t know much about your diagnosis, but, when I had my stroke 4 years ago, they determined afib caused the stroke. One of the medications they put me on for the afib was a calcium channel blocker (diltiazem). One of the things is does is open the blood vessels to the heart, thus making it easier for the heart to pump blood through them. It also slows the heart down , so they also gave me a pacemaker so my heart wouldn’t get too slow. I am doing quite well. Bottom line. There are many meds out there to help the heart do its job. Also, my sister was diagnosed with “heart failure” (a catchall term at best) about 3 or 4 years ago–also needed a new heart valve. She’s still kickin’ . So just keep the same positive outlook you had with the stroke. Tackle the problem and carry on. My best to you. :heart:Jeanne

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Hi Joyce, welcome back, so sorry to hear of your set back. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope that they get you sorted soon.

Best wishes Sue :heart:

@joycelawton sorry to hear you’ve now got a heart issue after doing so well with your stroke. I don’t have personal experience of heart issues but hopefully this new wire will do its job.

You came theough a stroke so i’m sure you’ll take on this challenge with the same strength once you’ve had time to absorb the news.

Beat wishes to you.

Ann x