Have a lovely Yuletide season

Have a lovely, peaceful Yuletide season everyone! Let us use this time to enjoy ourselves (as much as we can and in our own ways) and recharge so we will be ready to face the continuing challenges. Recently the more I find jobs tiring the more I get on with it and tell myself to enjoy everything I do. Don't think of it as a task, something I need to do but something I CHOOSE TO DO.

I am very pleased this year. The Christmas tree is up and decorated and the gifts are wrapped and I did most of the work albeit it took much longer and more organising needed doing (including scheduling resting times). We sent out more than 60 cards and I did most of the writing. (I am tremendously pleased about this because I lost my ability to write and do most things with my right hand after my stroke. I can remember a very equally frustrating and comical physio session when I was still in hospital. My physio put two big boards in front of me and clipped large pieces of paper. She had to help me hold the pen only to make squiggles, LOL! It was quite a humurous physiotherapy in the end. ?)

Simple things to appreciate and  celebrate. The fact that all those things have been done makes me happy. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! 



Impressive ? xx