Happy Christmas and happy New Year

When I was training to be a RN(MH), I chose my elective placement at a unit that treated people that self harmed.

No I'm not thinking of self harming, but coming up to Christmas and the New Year, it reminded me of a group session. Many of the patients expressed concern about managing the festive season. My thought around this at the time was, that for everyone attending the group, about a 60/40 ratio of patients to staff, that none of us had experienced the coming festivities, and that to all of us it was a new experience. 

For some this maybe the first Christmas with your new brain, it might be daunting, thinking of the gathering of family, for others, it might mean that there will be less people. 

The main thing is to enjoy as much of the joy you can, before the hoards decend, maybe tell a confidont of anything that you might have trouble with, for me it was noise and chaos, but have an escape word and a place that you can retreat to.

With any luck you will enjoy all that arrives, but having that safety net means that you don't have to worry about worry, and then you can just kick back and relax.

I hope everyone has a magic Christmas, and 2019 is onward and upward.

Have a great Christmas Boots and the same to all fellow survivors

You too John ??!

Thank you, Boots. Happy Christmas to everyone on board.