Hand exercises left hand

I have been using a melon to help with my arm and hand exercises. My good lady has been assisting with the exercises and once the melon is eaten it will be back to a football.


In my case it is right hand.

I’m working hard to correct ‘hand drop’ for want of a better description of the problem. The hand will no longer bend back on itself at the wrist.

I have been working on it for a while with only a small amount of success. Getting it back would make picking things up properly possible again, so I am keen for a result.

Anyone got any tips?

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Try ‘four point kneeling’. As in kneeling on the floor on hands and knees. It’s not a quick fix but keep doing it.


Interesting, I’m tempted Pam, but since my stroke I have developed a phobia about the floor and anything below knee height. Just thinking about it makes me, a grown man, quake.

Having been so negative I’ll express a thought that has just jumped in my brain. Perhaps the floor is a bit drastic, but for a start I could see trying it on the bed as a do-able.

I’ll give that a go later. Might be just what I need, thanks @pamelai1

and many thanks and much success to you @mrfrederickson too.

Keep on keepin’ on
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Perhaps you could try pressing your hands on a table / worktop too @Bobbi in the same way as you would on the floor. Not tried it but seems logical to me.

@mrfrederickson well done on the exercises. And as an added bonus you get to eat the melon too :grin:


It’s worth trying it on the bed. I’m thinking maybe a harder surface might work. A table perhaps…m
(standing at a table - not on it!) lol


Wall press ups is another good for working the wrists that doesn’t require getting down on the floor (you’ll find it at pos 8:50 in the video)

Nialls (the guy in the video) said he’d go easy on us today because it was so hot…he lied :angry:
He worked us even harder than usual :hot_face:


All my hand exercises are on the worktop with me sat on s solid stool.


Thanks for the suggestions for me guys, I’m sure it is all useful and I’ll be giving it all a try.

@mrfrederickson I apologise for busting in here and I’m handing this thread back to you with apologies for my diversion.

We all have specific requirements I suppose and what is suitable for one may not work for another.


Hi Bobbi not a problem.
I always start by flattening the hand on the work surface, my good lady eased the Mellon under it to help with wrist flexing.


I deliberately didn’t address anyone specifically as the press ups can apply to @mrfrederickson and anyone else reading the post. And I’ll always take advantage of such an opportunity to post a few useful exercises to encourage :wink: