So… I’ve made an appointment at the hairdressers on Sunday but I’m a little concerned about the backwash as it does put a pressure on the base
of the skull and there is such a thing as a ‘hairdressers stroke’

Should I go for a dry cut or try to cushion the base of my skull? Any advice on what anyone’s done and/or how long you waited for that first visit to the hairdressers post-stroke?

Am I being silly?

Hi DDMH are you being silly can’t say, but I was very silly a few weeks after coming out of hospital lifted a heavy galvanised grain bin lid to get some corn for my chucks and dropped it on my head ‘Ouch’:scream_cat:. But I’m sure a more sensible person here can offer advice

@DDMH it is definitely not being silly. Funnily enough I had a stroke clinic review this afternoon and this came up. My stroke was caused by a carotid artery dissection which is normally caused by neck trauma. They were trying to find out what trauma had caused my dissection & they asked me if I’d been to hairdressers which I hadn’t. No cause for my dissection has been found.
What I will say is I have been to hairdressers twice now since my stroke (& going again this week). I just mentioned to the hairdresser about my stroke & they took extra care with me to make sure the sinks were comfortable. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

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My Stroke was also caused by a cartoid artery dissection which happened while reversing the car. I haven’t dared have my hair washed at the hairdressers since but have had it cut. The hairdresser was happy to do a dry (or rather damp) cut spraying it with water. Going to go back as soon as I can for a more drastic cut as although he was a nice guy I don’t think he cut off enough but I’m going to have a dry cut again

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Definitely not a silly question @DDMH . Some salons have the facility to do a front wash.

If not - I would try @Loshy’s suggestion of washing it before you go and getting them to dampen it with a spray. I’m sure they will be able to accommodate any changes you need.


Thanks for the advice all :+1:

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