Good to be back at the gym!

Had my first session this morning since last year and it was lovely to see all my gym buddies again, stroke survivors and survivors of other issues too.  We also had a couple of new people doing their induction - everything is worked according to covid rules so we are all safe.  There's a spirit from all of us who go  and we range from 20's to our oldest member who is 83, that no matter what has happened to us health wise, we all have decided to do our best to live life as full as best we can and basically to 'stick two fingers up'  at our strokes and keep at it!  

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Good for you. My active seniors exercise classes restart in May. Cant wait. Have definitely gone backwards during this lockdown. Still walk twice a day, but you miss the social aspect of being with others as you all give our ancient bodies a shake.

Agree! I really stiffen up after missing a few times which is good in a way because it makes me realise how much good the gym has done me since I started.  Not many more sleeps now till May! x

That's great but gyms cost money I haven't there anything like financial assistance available?

A good few years before I had my stroke, I was given 12 months free gym membership via the PALS scheme which is run by the local council. It was for people with any health issues such as high blood pressure etc which was a preventative course to stop heart attacks, diabetes, obsesity etc.  It might be worth asking your GP if they still run the course in your local area and ask to enrol if they do.  

A lot of gyms run pay as you go sessions with no subscription needed. Mine does.  So if you don't feel you want to go every week you can go when it's best for you.  Mine works out at £7.25 a week but I can go every day if I wanted for that.  Gyms do vary a lot depending on what facilities they have - I can't swim or do saunas etc so nothing like that appeals to me. If you like swimming, it may work out cheaper to do pay as you go to a gym and swim at your local pool.  


I believe many local hospitals put on exercise classes and it is possible to be referred by gps. We have a Life After Stroke centre not too far away and they offer strength and balance classes at £2 a session. However indoor classes cannot restart until May. I go to local exercise classes for over 60s at £4 a session.

take it easy onwardsandupwards, i miss the gym, the people there are great in my class:(, not sure q when to attempt it again,, but sooo miss them!! lol, thanks for reading

Sports centre i meant!

Well done onwards and upwards,

It does feel good to be getting back to normal ways. I have a treadmill and weights at home, so have generally kept things going.

I am looking forward to getting out and about more this year but so far I'm grateful to not have caught Covid or been seriously ill. Pandemic or not, this Stroke won't keep me down and I've another half-marathon to do when this all blows over!

Thank you for your post and let's all share the positivity.