Getting well

Getting better

I was thinking back to when I came out of hospital with an nhs bed in my house a winch to get into bed a wheelchair and no walking

Now I can climb a cobblestone steep path to church.
I can walk with a stick badly I am more independent than the time before

If I make as much progress in the next 3 years I will be nearly back to my idea of normal.
Depressing and encouraging in the same breath.

The key is determined tenacity it gets you where you want to be


@mrfrederickson you seem to have made a lot of progress recently so I have loads of optimism that the return to your previous self that you are looking for is there waiting for you.

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Yes Mrs5k I believe it is I’ve not lost my character or sense of humour which my wife says would have been hard to cope with

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Wow; congrats. indeed

So the time from winch / wheelchair / no walking to climbing the steep cobblestone path was 3 years? I’m super impressed and delighted for you… an inspirational journey

I’m glad your sense of humour and character are there … they helped you get through this journey. Maybe present even when you were being lifted into bed by winch ?

Bravo, ciao, Roland

ps. Not to compare, but I went from Zimmer frame to 600 steps (with walking stick) in a year

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Mark: I enjoy watching your journey. It is an inspiration.


You’re another person who has strong determination to get better - a most admirable trait.

I think many good things will come to you over time. You’re well on your way, Mark.